We are always excited for unique and innovative ideas and we can expect almost anything these days. Same is the case with the home furnishings that are inspired by melting chocolate or ice cream. The melting decor may not be liked by everyone, but it is definitely creative in the ambiance it generates.

The Secret Location is known for selling off-the-shelf design oriented products, and it is the first of it’s kind in the historic Gastown, Vancouver. Melnichuk and B+H created a visually playful space which is  half shop and half restaurant. The attention is coming from the sophisticated and twisted interiors. The minimalist melting furniture was designed by Melnichuk, in collaboration with the architects at B+H.  Guests can travel from the dining room, through a cool minty green tunnel which leads into the narrow and long 10,000 sq.ft. shop lined with concrete columns and creative display shelving and custom designed tables for clothes, books, cameras, and a collection of worldy accessories!