Are you a bowling fanatic? If you just plain love bowling and hate having to leave the house to hit the lanes, then how about getting your own installed? You can find professional firms that will install two regulation lanes (complete with pin setter-upper, ball return and computer scoring) in your home, but you need some space to do that! They generally recommend a minimum of 100′ in length and 14′ in width for 2 bowling alley lanes. Suggested ceiling height is 14′. They suggest trenching for the under-lane ball return rack system in order to keep the lanes close to floor level in height if possible. Another option is for them  to build up the foundation using a I-Beam construction the same as in commercial installations. This generally requires a sep up to the bowling lanes of about 17″-18″. We suggest to ask an architect and a designer for proper planning and construction on site, too.

Before planning your own home installed bowling lanes, look what Beyonce and Jay Z have at home.

An entertainment space with two lane bowling lanes in a mansion.


If you feel you’re not satisfied with a movie theater, the house comes equipped with a bowling alley, too.

Play as many frames as you want in your personal bowling alley.

It looks like everybody is ready for the party!

A bowling room designed in green and white.

Neutral colors in a space where only the score matters!

Animated scenes on the wall accompany the bowling players.

A bowling room designed with natural materials: wood and stone.

Hot colors and wide mirrors in the bowling room!

Don’t forget you need space for stools or benches in the room!

A dark room painted in dramatic black tones.

Leather comfortable sofas and small coffee tables near the bowling area.



Let natural light come inside through large windows!












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