If you recycle, you care about the environment!  “Green life” is such a common expression nowadays that I am under the impression we’ll come to find second uses for every single object. So, if recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction, let’s behave according to the trend!

After we showed you how to recycle wine bottles and how to make interesting lighting objects from used advertising banners, we decided to transform your old bicycle into something beautiful and useful. You can put it in the garden and decorate it with pots full of flowers or you can use it to hold a sink in the bathroom. An amazing chandelier can be obtained if you know how to arrange the spikes, letting a diffuse light to beautify the room. Check out our gallery and choose what best fits to your place: maybe you’ll find a cheap solution for a new fence or you’ll reconsider buying a new coffee table when interesting metal pieces are thrown away in a corner!

Try to make the piece you recycle more appealing with colorful strings!


An austere table with an industrial look.


You can create a system from wheels that is perfect for the climbing plants in your garden.


A crazy way to decorate a common facade!


A chair from tires? Why not?!


You must be very skilled to make something like that!


A chandelier that doesn’t look very luxurious…


…or a system that can hold the frying pans in the kitchen!


A single bulb has never looked more interesting!


Have you ever imagined that the pedals may look quite good on the ceiling?


Let your old bicycle inspire the lamp for a reading corner!


What time is it?


An interesting lighting object.




Stop spinning around! :)



 The chains can be reused for a chandelier.


 A bike integrated in a fence.



 Impressive, isn’t it?


 Don’t forget about colors!