A Chinese store named “11 Furniture” is one giant 10,000 square meter copycat. It has taken the brand design of the Swedish furniture giant IKEA from the color scheme down to its small free pencils.

It copies Ikea’s blue-and-yellow colour scheme, mock-up rooms, miniature pencils, signage and even its rocking chair designs. Its cafeteria-style restaurant, complete with minimalist wooden tables, has a familiar look, although the menu features Chinese-style braised minced pork and eggs instead of Ikea’s Swedish meatballs and salmon.      

The four-storey outlet is located in the district of Kunming City in southwest China, reports Reuters. It has mock-up rooms, rocking chairs and a cafeteria-style restaurant like IKEA, although Swedish meatballs and salmon have been replaced with local braised minced pork and eggs on the menu. The shop’s name – “Shi Yi Jia Ju” in Chinese – also sounds like the original Ikea’s “Yi Jia Jia Ju”.

“This is a new phenomenon,” said Adam Xu, retail analyst with Booz&Co. “Typically there are a lot of fake products, now we see more fakes in the service aspect in terms of (faking) the retail formats.” via Designyoutrust.comDailymail.co.uk