The Parasite Farm consists of an indoor compost system that can be hung on your kitchen table and illumined plant boxes which fit perfectly in a bookshelf.

Parasite Farm”: A system that enables you to compost your biological waste, produce humus soil and to grow your own vegetables and herbs — all within your apartment!

Today most of population lives in cities and only  few of the country’s cultivated land is farmed ecologically. While most fruits and vegetables have become available all year round we are loosing touch with how it was grown, harvested and transported. But how could we counter these alienation of our basis of life?

To integrate with your interior and your habits both the vermicompost system and the plant boxes use existing furniture as infrastructure. The parasitic objects are fed by your food scraps and provide you — in turn — with fresh vegetables. We hope that this small-scale nutrient cycle makes people discover the fascination of growing you own food and evokes questions about the current industrial food production and possible alternatives.