It’s Love Time!

Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter. But when your love is a clock and it stops ticking.. .you should change the batteries.

I would call the LOVE shaped clock below  a technical masterpiece. It has all the tricks up the sleeves for poetry, imagery both concrete and abstract, rhythm, meter, rhyme. I know it won’t appeal to the mainstream poetry audience but I hope at least some of you will like it.

Great collectible mini clock that shows you care. The word love in die-cast metal with red enamel finish. Featuring a battery operated mini alarm clock with electronic chime.

Friendly Clock

Time Diet, Time Film & Time Love… that’s what I scheduled for today. Russian designer Maxim Maximov created “Friendly Clock”, a device that displays your everyday schedule,  keep changing with each passing hour according to your daily routine.

The Love Clock

Moschino has fallen in love with UNICEF! The Italian fashion design house collaborated with the philanthropic organization to create a “Love Clock” Plexiglass “doll” dedicated to the prevention of, and caring for children with HIV/AIDS.

Heart Blackboard Clock

A heart, a clock and a piece of  chalk pretend to make your mornings more lovable. This is a clock where by you can write with chalk and  wipe it off with a dry or damp cloth.