We present a minimalist watch collection designed only with dots. Very cool!

TIWE Watch from Lv Design

This digital watch uses an OLED display to imitate the universe and express the relationship between Time and Space. The white round dots run randomly in space when not in use. When you want to know what’s the time, just shake it or hit the glass surface slightly and the time will show (using an accelerometer) . via

Nokta Watch Design – Time in a dot

The intersecting points between the hours in rows and minutes in columns light up in 6 colors representing each ten minutes. On date mode, all the LEDs light up except the section showing the date. This is a brilliant concept – simple and mind-boggling at the same time.

Eye of the Storm

Designed by Chinese-born, German-based Yiran Qian, the Eye of the Storm timepiece looks like a simple, rather masculine accessory. As you press the button on its side, two lights come up, providing you with the time of day in a super futuristic way.

Nixon – Newton Watches

The leader of the action sports time watches Nixon have created many designs that are not conventional but stylish. The new Newton watches are well designed watches that uses dots to tell the time instead of hour and minute arms. The minimal design face eliminates clutter by not having any numbering as well. There is a LED backlight for visibility at night and it is water resistant to 30 meters. via

Nava Watch Ora

Dots replace hands to keep the time, giving this watch a rotational (think solar system) feel. The biggest dot shows the hour while the smallest represents the minutes. via

Time in Seconds – Watch Design Concept

How does it work?  Let’s take 12:45 as an example.  Press the button and the red dot will appear for 1 second then disappear.  After a 2 second pause, the red dot will appear again for 2 seconds and then disappear.  Then after another 2 second pause, the red dot will show for 4 seconds then disappear, and lastly show for 5 seconds then disappear.  If you are not confident that you got the time right, hold down the button and a normal digital analogue will show at the top of the watch screen.

The Oberon Watch

100 Abacus Watch

Having already featured one of Denis Guidone’s fantastically classy, minimalist wrist watches before here on EP – namely the Ora Unica watch – we simply could not pass up on offering a brief heads up concerning a number of new, equally minimalist watch designs Denis Guidone appears to be working on.   via

The Dot Watch

Here is a concept wrist watch that appeals to you with its unique name and design. Dubbed the Dot watch, this simple and minimalist timepiece is made of a single flexible strap which is covered with a stretchable and retractable PVC-based sheet. via