[text_ad1][most_viewed]If you’re tired of looking at your old boring wall clock, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve already shown you some interesting accessories here, but now it’s time to present another catchy ideas. Some items seem taken from science fiction movies with their futuristic design, while others are simply funny and colorful. My favorite is the clock that never reminds you what time is it exactly…the numbers are thrown away randomly in a manner that asserts a discontinuity of time. You don’t have to be stressed and hurry to do something. :)

Whatever your passion is, whether you are a designer, artist, gadget lover, painter, modernist or apple fan boy you will find a clock that, matches your taste and you can show off . They are linked to their online store so if you like any of them you can go ahead and purchase it.

Forget about those classic looking wall clocks that never match with your fresh, modern living room: $39.95 from  Furniture in Fashion.

Need a clock that matches your personality? $78.88 from  CKGoods.


Lost in a Galaxy 60$ from The Design Town.

I am lucky so I’m not afraid to play games with time! DIY Dice from Coated


Amazed by planets … from  WallClocksCenter


A jagged wheel for an industrial interior: Hybrid by Resource Revival


Artistic presentation of time : OV’L by Stefan Vasilev. When reading the clock, users will have to go outwards from the center, the first four circles show year, month, day and the weekday, while the outer big circles represents hours, minutes and seconds. 

Sometimes, the world is a total mess. I don’t want to fix it…let the chaotic events find their own meanings in your life with Shattered Clock by designers Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova