First time on DesignRulz, here are some works of a talented young artist from Italy : Elena Rurua. She uses modern materials like metal, polycarbonate, cristalplant or polyurethane combined with a minimalist to create some very interesting pieces of home decor. You can find more works by Elena Rurua here.

1. Chair ‘Pocket’ – external and internal use, to hold small and useful  items(newspapers, magazines)

Material: Polycarbonate

2. Chair ‘Jane’ – Minimalist seating project with two-legged design.

With the ability to stabilize only using two legs, Jane chair is definitely worth taking a look.
Features:originality and simplicity
Material: Metal

3. WD Desk – Dual funcionality: desk + magazine, book , other useful items holder.

Material: Cristalplant

4. Stool – Sgabello – Dual funcionality: seat + magazine, book holder.

Material : Beechwood

5. Ye Divano – Dual functionality: seat + pouf  (inside the sofa)

Material: polyurethane