A portable vanity light makes your travels more enjoyable. Knowing that you can retouch your makeup at any second while on the way is a real plus. This makes tours and excursions a lot easier. Just imagine a 5-second click-clack prep before the makeup session starts. So, you take the portable vanity light from the bag and fix it on the mirror. In no time, you get the perfect light and a Hollywood look. But not only cosmetics routine is its main functionality. This super light serves as lamp/ lantern for hot spots in your house. For example, in working corners of your kitchen – above the washing basin or the cooking island -, in dressing rooms or tiny ‘office’ places installed at home. Explore or gallery to discover its multiple functions!

Portable Vanity Light With Rechargeable Batteries

This professional cordless makeup light requires no wires or electricity. You charge its batteries and stay safe for 5-7 days. Certainly, the piece simulates natural daylight so well that every detail of your face is revealed. As a result, you will not encounter difficulties during your makeup routine. Above all, the light is soft and calm. Consequently, your eyes will not hurt. Plus, shade and brightness are adjustable to your needs. To conclude, this product is a marvellous asset for your makeup sessions.

4 Usages Of Multiple Functional Portable Light

These portable vanity lights are so versatile that you can incorporate them in various corners of your house. In this paragraph, you will discover 4 alternative usages of them. Firstly, the beauty sanctuary in our bathrooms. Place it just above the principal mirror and you will obtain a luminous, radiant spot for your cosmetics time. Moreover, this will create an intimate space for you and your inner self. Secondly, the kitchen. A belt of irradiant spots over the countertop will better prepare the space for the cooking activities. With this sharp installation, you will no longer worry about the perfect cut. Thirdly, the working corner at home. Perhaps the writing desk was not a priority of the initial design and you do not have electric drains wherever you like. No problem at all.  Find the area you want to convert and add a portable light above the desk. Last, but not least, the dressing room. Colours, fabrics, accessories — aren’t they more lovely in a luminous environment?

Rechargeable Portable LED light For Incredible Makeups

However, these incredible portable lamps are not for travellers only. Use it to boost the luminosity of your domestic vanity table too. Sometimes the light in our rooms is not that bright and it gets really difficult to do an impeccable makeup. Thus, this rechargeable LED light is perfect for the mirrors. It easily fixes on top of the glass and you no longer worry about brightness. You are now ready to apply foundation, powder and mascara in the exact quantities. Moreover, as the LED light functions with batteries you do not have to find solutions to hide chords and so on. To sum up, this accessory is elegant and easy to put on.

Likewise, this portable vanity light fixes quickly on the mirror offering excellent luminosity for your makeup. On the other hand, it really accommodates to various types of glasses and it is not necessary to have an electric drain nearby. Simply charge the batteries and prepare for the cosmetics routine. Moreover, you are free to adjust the intensity of the light. There is no need for tools or wires whatsoever.

It is easy to take this LED lantern with you while travelling. Thus, you will no longer worry about makeups and cosmetics retouches. Put this in your bag and make sure the batteries are charged. They usually last to 3-5 days. Above all, it gives you natural luminosity in a second. You can install it immediately using the suction cups included in the package. Last, but not least, this is a perfect gift for moms, sisters and daughters.

In short, portable lights may be used in many ways. Therefore, use it whenever you need extra-lighting at home. For instance, during your cosmetics time on makeup or vanity mirrors. Also, in case the dressing room needs a light boost, fix a LED lamp on standers/ closets. Similarly, for corridors or hallways. You will be really happy after purchasing it.