You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of fairy gardens. I really love making them. Lately, I’ve been searching for inspiration for a big fairy garden project, as a result, I found plenty of great fairy doors ideas!

Fairy doors are perfect for Christmas too. If you are huge elf fans here are some ideas to let them know that they’re welcome to come in your house. I thought that making a Holiday Elf Door would be a perfect decor for all! It can be one of the great things about children is their imagination. How stones become treasure, dandelion clocks are fairy wishes and every rainbow has a pot of cold at the end. So we decided to make some craft stick fairy doors to welcome the fairies in to our garden this holiday. Add a little bit of everyday magic to your playroom by making a fairy door to go on a baseboard! All you really need is craft sticks, pebbles and glue.

Materials for Making the Fairy Door

craft sticks (this one works best)
little rocks (you can buy rocks or use clay if it isn’t a good season for finding them in nature)
preserved moss ( buy from here)
wooden blocks (buy from here)
paints (buy from here)

How to make craft stick fairy doors

Wonder how to make a fairy door? There is no need to wonder about that. Just close your eyes and let your imagination free. Well, if this does not work, ask your children. Kids know where fairies live – in a fairy garden and in magical tiny homes. It’s a very simple project that you can customize, depending on what materials you have. Kids can make doors too, then decorate them any way they like.

How gorgeous are these holiday elf doors? You can make your very own using some natural wooden ice cream sticks, glue and paint and they are so easy to make and they look great. These super simple craft stick fairy doors would also be great to add to a room for the tooth fairy! If you have never thought of how to make a fairy door, we have some adorable ideas for opening fairy doors which will be the perfect decoration for the trees and will transform the patio into a Fairyland.They’ll make a lovely gift for family or friends too and you will be able to use them in so many different craft projects.

I searched high and low for all of the best fairy garden ideas out there, and I was not disappointed. Not all of these images come with a tutorial, but they gave me inspiration all the same.

Please keep in mind! Garden fairy doors do not need to be expensive or time consuming. With creativity and imagination you can make magnificent miniatures which will make your children happy and will encourage imaginative play. There are plenty of opportunities for the kids to get involved too! Feel free to create a warm and inviting Elf door for the elves that might visit from the North Pole. Enjoy!