When winter is about to end and a new season is coming, plants and flowers are also starting to grow, it gives us an idea to start with a clean slate. Turning your house upside down and cleaning every corner is not easy. The biggest part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the things that you don’t need. This is a tradition to reset and tidy up everything in your home. Sorting your belongings into trash or give-away is an effective way to begin your spring-cleaning process. You can do a garage sale or donate items to good causes to make use of other items that can still be useful to others. Cleaning will be a lot stress-free when the clutter is gone.
Some people are stress cleaners and allergic to cleaning dust and dirt, but it’s not an excuse to let the dirt live in your own home. Usually, people are free during weekends. You should plan and schedule your spring cleaning to allot your full time and successfully finish the task to give your home the love and care it deserves. It is good to get your family involved. This is a great time to get the whole family to work together and help each other. You don’t only make time for your home but also you can have a great time with your family productively.

How do we do Spring Cleaning? What are the things we need to prepare?

Make a To-Do-List

It is important to make a list of everything that you want to get done. List every single task you can think of so that your day will run smoothly and no area will be left behind. Start by dividing your task into sections. Note where you would like to start and what are the areas that need more attention. Keep an eye on the area that you did not clean for a long time, especially the area that your family spends most of the time. Prioritize clutter from pathways and staircases. Ensure to list what you need to secure like tacking cords and having rugs to prevent a tripping hazard. In making a list, you will also get a sense of achievement after you check tasks off as done.
Prepare your Equipment
Make sure to get all the cleaning supplies you will need before your spring clean agenda. Some of the basic things you’ll need are vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth, and sponges and a mop. You also need cleaning agents for glass, mirror, and window and something for bathroom, kitchen, and floor. Make sure to buy an eco-friendly cleaner so it will not be a hazard for your health and the environment. If you prefer to buy an all in cleaning agent you can buy an all-purpose cleaner to help you clean your home.

Declutter your Home

Hoarding is a habitual mental disorder of most of the people where they keep on collecting more belongings and find it difficult to discard items even if they don’t use it. It is recommended to declutter your home at least once a year. Research says that decluttering your homes can help a person’s mental health by allowing yourself to focus on what’s more important. It reduces stress and anxiety levels. We must remove everything unnecessary or things that haven’t been used for a long time to have a better spring cleaning. Unused clothes, toys, and other things that are still in good condition could be sold or donated.

Rent a Dumpster

After decluttering and sorting out the things that you want to keep and donate, some things will surely end up being disposed of. Dumpster rental is very helpful especially in spring cleaning projects, moving, remodeling, and a messy house that needs a cleanout. Renting a dumpster service can be highly beneficial as their services take the responsibility of disposing of all the waste and reduce the burden on your shoulders. Dumpster rental prices depend on the range of waste materials you planned to dispose of like construction waste, old furniture, or anything that can be loaded into the dumpster for convenient disposal. Sometimes it also depends on the location. Make sure to consult first and check the right size that you need before renting to avoid any misunderstanding.
Experts say doing a spring cleaning can have a serious impact on your physical and mental health. Cleaning and organizing the space you spend most of the time can keep your immune system strong and it also reduces stress and depression. Cleaning helps people to practice being mindful of the tasks they’re doing and encourage a positive attitude and clear mindset.