When you are moving into a new (small) space you need to figure out some creative storage solutions. As you already know,  designrulz.com is full of ideas and suggestions! For today, we present pegboard ideas that I am sure they will fit perfect to you!

What is the first thing you do in a new space? It isn’t enough to simply wipe away the dirt and vacuum up the dust. Now it’s time for the fun stuff. It’s time to organize. All these genius ways to organize with pegboards you will help to find the perfect solution for your space. So let’s take a peek at some of the ways it is used!

Have you ever seen a pegboard before? They’re not just for workbenches and craft rooms.  A pegboard is the perfect panel you need. Why? Because every hand tool in the hardware store is hanging on pegboard. You can use some pegboards for vertical storage and more.  Every bag of bolts, roll of duct tape and tin of Tic Tacs at the checkout counter-pegboarded. I have a feeling that you will be inspired by all of these projects and ideas. I am also sure that you will conjure up ways to customize some to fit exactly what you need them to do and to have the look that is perfect for your home!

Pegboard organization is a great way to clear off your desk and organize your stuff  or pegboard mounted inside a closet door creates an inexpensive mini-dressing station.

You don’t need to keep everything in their original packaging. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Outline all your tools so you know exactly where they go. Pegboards are like the cousins of open shelving, but a little more eclectic and playful.  With some paint and design work, these DIY pegboard ideas have upgraded your space to an elegant and minimalist organizational system that work in every room of the house.


It’s actually pretty amazing how much that inexpensive board that has been around forever and a day can do to get your organized. Pegboards are simple accessories, often used in areas such as offices. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, there are all sorts of different things that can be stored or displayed on a pegboard. This is a miscellaneous gallery that includes small tools and items but also small planters and decorations. You might think that pegboards are a seemingly simple design element, but they can be wonderfully versatile. If you don’t know, even the pegboard hooks hang on pegboard hooks.

Tools are visible and easily sorted

Installing a pegboard system is a quick way to encourage organization and increases the available work space. By utilizing vertical space, tools are visible and easily sorted.

However, they’re considerably more versatile than that and the pegboard system can be applied to numerous other structures and functions. There are tons of interesting ways in which you can use a pegboard in your own home and we’re ready to support this idea with examples. Because pegboard is pre-punched on a 1″ x 1″ grid, tool hangers can be moved and reconfigured to meet future needs. Retailers want a display system that’s sturdy, easy to rearrange and adaptable-the same qualities you need in your work spaces at home. Take a look at some of these creative uses for pegboards that will get you organized in almost every room in your home. And don’t forget, pegboards don’t stop at being great organizational tools, they can be pretty darn stylish too.