Why do cities need parks and gardens? Because parks and gardens of all kinds, when they are well-planted and well-maintained, are vital elements of city life. Because people who live in cities need to feel a connection with nature, to see and enjoy the changing of the seasons. Because when green spaces are in good condition, overflowing with lush plantings like Life@Ladprao Park in Bangkok’s noisy streets, not only do people enjoy them but real estate values go up!

Shma Designs proposed an immense green surface to mitigate the harshness of being adjacent to congested Ladprao Road from Bangkok. As you can see from the photos below, fragments of diverse botanic plants are arranged in quilt-like pattern contrasting in form, colour and texture to achieve a complex yet serene beauty. Path and private niches are nestle in these interplaying green envelop providing resident with an instant getaway from the noisy road.

An amazing pool looks over the city.

Wooden lounge areas near the pool.

Relax and enjoy your staying here!

The park softens and civilizes city life because visitors feel complimented by a beautiful place made for them.

Wooden benches with a simple, clear design in the park.