The garden is one of the most beautiful place a house could share with its guests! If you’re one of the luckiest persons on Earth that can enjoy daily a wonderful oasis near the house, you’ve come to the right place. Anthony Paul, a landscape designer from New Zealand knows how to enhance the space, both aesthetically and environmentally, transforming a garden into a little heaven. He says: “My approach to every project is always site specific. Gardens shouldn’t fight with their surroundings but carefully lead the eye through and towards the countryside beyond – I avoid putting in any stiff hedges or strong barriers. I design my gardens to be comfortable and relaxing but also architecturally exciting. Particular attention is paid to hard surfaces – their forms and patterns are very carefully worked out and I always use natural materials or ceramics. My decks are something I am particularly proud of and their precision“.

Turn your garden into heaven ! Or maybe turn heaven into your garden…. ? Enjoy and share !

 Anthony Paul‘s gardens are restrained and simple, requiring little maintenance. He is not into cottage gardens, featuring lots of pretty flowers and colour for the sake of it. He tries to keep a simple palette and work with materials and plants which look natural in the environment he is given. Where possible he tries to use native species in the gardens, an example of this philosophy can be seen in his recently-finished project in New Zealand.

 The way a garden sits in its landscape is Anthony Paul‘s main concern. He says: “I sometimes feel that I fill in the foreground like a stage, and the background is done by a far bigger hand than mine; the borrowed scenery gives presence and credibility to my designs, a fusion between inspiration and vision, though never pure serendipity.”

 A view I would like to see every morning…

 An interesting way to highlight the stairs during night