RS+ have designed this water playground in Tychy, Poland. The Water Playground From The Architect said: “One of the main design intent was to match the water playground into the landscape. Location and contour of the basin suited to the existing trees were required based on functional-utility program developed by “Aquater”. We decided to use exotic wood on the floor in front of entrance and on benches around the basin. A major challenge was to secure the basin against unwanted animals and people, taking into account influence of  fence on the landscape. Fencing has also been made of wood as a parametric structure based on shifted sine waves. In this way we obtained delicate characteristic elements, which separate the basin. Technical rooms were covered with grass  to minimize the impact of volume on the landscape. Colorful aquatic toys were selected to differentiate their performance. In addition, the zone for younger children with milder foaming out the water toys was created. The pattern on  safe basin floor has been adapted to arrangement of water toys in the way referring to the circles on the water. In the evening the playground becomes a fountain with programmable multicolored LED performance.”