A “sculptural playground” in Weisbaden, Germany conceived by architecture and landscape studio, Annabau was a 1st Prize winner in a 2009 landscape competition and recently completed last year. The retrofitting of the “Schulberg” in Wiesbaden, Germany creates a new extraordinary public space. The play- grounds outstanding architectural design, overlooking the city center of Wiesbaden, is attracting people of all ages and ethical backgrounds to meet and communicate through the action of play. The heart of the new public space is constituted by an artistically and ambitiously shaped playground consisting of a large spatial structure. The main element is a spatial sculpture consisting of two green steel pipes winding and floating in between inven- tory trees, leveling in distance and height. In between this structure, a tensed climbing net is creating a loop – a continuous sequence of gaming activities for children and teens. The entire sculpture is 35m  in diameter. The inner ring holds a length of 107m and the outer ring a length of 120m. In some places the steel construction is cantilevering up to impressively 15 m. The structure does not exceed the height of 3 m to fulfill the safety  for playground designs. An elegantly rounded curb follows the pentagonal shape of the playground and separates the playground from the boulevard.