A fireplace, a cozy sofa, a book and a glass of wine. That’s all I need if I plan to escape for two weeks at the mountains, far, far away from the crowded city! To make my winter holiday more special, I chose Ferme Anjuna Chalet located in Megeve, France. As the site explains, you will leave your car in the parking lot, where the butler waits for you with a snowmobile, driving you on the road along the brook. If you’re lucky, you can see some animals in the middle of the forest. Then, at the end of the wood, you will discover a very beautiful renovated farm house you’d like to move in for a while. The chalet looks as though it has been plucked from a mountainous backdrop. Typical exterior details include exposed beams, distinctive “wiggle-board” treatments on the eaves and fanciful rails that frame the porches. The interior is voluminous, with high ceilings and open floor plans that allow for large gatherings. It also includes an area for ski and winter-clothing storage.

A large lounge area with big sofas in front of a fireplace. I’d like to cuddle a while…
The bathtub is actually in the bedroom. Moments of joy and relaxation!
All 6 bedrooms include a TVset.
Violet tones go very well with natural wood.
One of the walls is covered in stone.
I wouldn’t have thought at turquoise for a chalet, but it looks fresh and contemporary.
Swimming or admiring the nature outside? Both!
For those who want to add some passion to their holiday…
Feel free to use the bar downstairs.