T-REX is a dinosaur-themed family eatery serving lunch and dinner amid prehistoric creatures, fun displays and merchandise in Downtown Disney area. Each room has a different focus: an ice cave, complete with shifting colors and an embedded T-Rex skeleton; and undersea room with giant jellyfish lampshades and a moving octopus presiding over the bar; a meteor shower room, where you’d better watch out every 10 minutes or so; a fern forest with giant wasps and a triceratops so big you can seat three parties in his…midsection…? And it goes on from there! The T-Rex Cafe has a hidden Mickey on the giant octopus. It’s on his body, between two legs, as you stand facing him from his front. He’s sort of reaching out over the walkway area, so that walkway is where you have to stand to see it. At T-REX, you’ll eat, shop, explore and discover!

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