Nantucket, MA, charms everyone who steps foot on its land. This New England Island is a dream destination for summer vacationers, history enthusiasts, romantic couples, watersports lovers, and everyone who wants to get away from the hustle-bustle of the big city and spend time on this magical island.
The mansions, cottages, and buildings in Nantucket are perfectly preserved, and more than 50% of the natural habitat is conserved and untouched.
Visitors of the island are enthralled by the beautiful historic buildings, the cobblestone streets, the lighthouses, and the shingle-style coastal cottages with climbing red roses on them.
Best of all, there are some stunning historic houses and cottages available for short-term rent for visitors so that you can get a natural feeling of the style and culture of Nantucket.
The island has developed its own style through the years, making it highly recognizable and unique. This style combines the whimsical nautical and whaling theme with the classic elegance of history.
The simple yet eye-catching design has been shaped by the whaling industry, the fishing, and the typical New England style. Some of the most common décor elements include the cobblestones, the gray weathered wood shake sidings, and slates.
The predominant decoration colors are the natural ones inspired by the ocean, the sky, and the sun, namely blues, grays, whites, greens, browns, cranberry bog reds, and navy blues.
The materials are natural, including unpainted wood shingles and shutters, stone or slate fireplaces, and cobblestone or seashell-covered streets and paths. The fabrics are also natural, often with floral prints and patterns.
The furniture is coastal cottage-inspired with distressed finishes. The accessories used for decoration are often nautical-themed, including lighthouses, whales, ships’ wheels, and others.
If you are motivated by this unforgettable style and want to bring some of it home with you, here are the tips and places to get the best inspiration for decorations and design.

The J. Butler Collection

This unique boutique home design shop brings and displays a remarkable new collection to the island of Nantucket every year. The furniture, accessories, and entire décor are collected by interior designer Jeffrey B. Haines. It includes one-of-a-kind vintage furniture, antiques, handcrafted works of art, tabletop items, and more.
The designer boutique is located on 12 Main Street and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5:30 pm during the summer season.

Nantucket Looms

Nantucket Looms is located on 51 Main Street and is a beautiful store where you can find top-quality luxurious hand-woven textiles, décor items, clothing, and accessories. They are made by the best local and world artisans from high-quality Japanese silk, Scottish cashmere, merino wool, premium mohair, and more.
The second floor of the building is the actual workshop, a design and weaving studio, where the artisans create their unique items.
You can choose items made by more than 80 artists and crafters of textile items, woodcarvings, jewelry, baskets, and others.
The store was once a favorite of Jackie Onassis and Princess Grace, and its items were displayed in the showrooms of Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Some of the modern fans of Nantucket Looms include Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton.

Coast Home

This is another unique design shop in Nantucket, where you can see and find furniture, textile items, artwork, and accessories which are perfect examples of the unique Nantucket traditional décor with a modern twist.
The store is owned by Paul Gaucher from Icon Design Group and is the place to go if you want to admire or buy Nantucket-style furniture, art, and décor items.
There are vintage pieces such as Italian gas lamps, consoles, driftwood sculptures, custom-designed lighting, fine art photography, and many others.
Coast Home is located at 54 ½ Old South Road.

Sunny Wood

Sunny Wood is a local wood carving artist and craftsman. He makes most of his carvings out of reclaimed wood from the renovations in Nantucket, as well as from wood found on the beaches.
Sunny Wood has over 20 years of experience in woodworking in Nantucket and offers various, primarily nature-inspired pieces.
He has hand-carved and then painted and finished each of the works in his store. Many of them are whale décor items and decorations and will definitely bring some of the flair of Nantucket to any home or office.
The artist and craftsman will also gladly create a unique piece just for you and for your taste and needs.


Located on 2 Candle Street, Bodega Nantucket is a trendy and timeless store that offers island-inspired furniture, lighting, textiles, accessories, and artwork.
You can choose among modern and vintage items, from high-end artwork to affordable gifts and pieces.
There are some traditional local hand-woven baskets, candles, sea soaps, and handcrafted jewelry among this popular store’s wide variety of stylish and Nantucket-inspired items.

Nantucket House Antiques

This is an antiques and interior design studio dealing with some of the country’s most exquisite and rare antiques since 1973.
The store specializes in American, English, and Canadian antique furniture and decorative and folk art items, accessories, and art.
You can buy some local artwork and furniture created by artisans from Nantucket or order something custom-made specifically for you from these local artisans and artists.

Centre Pointe

This is yet another interior design store in Nantucket, with handpicked and curated furniture, décor items, and gifts.
The owner and manager of this store ensure that all items offered are in line with the local coastal Nantucket style, combining the historical chic and a modern and fresh twist on the classics.
Located on 28 Center Street, this store is a definite must if you want to be enthused or leave the island with Nantucket with something unique to add to your home or office décor.