I love to drink coffee in cups and odd cups that convey emotion. Imagine sipping your morning brew out of these. They can have a nice, motivational message or a funny shape, colourful or monochrome, cheerful or serious. I think these mushroom cups are brilliant. You can give them as a gift, you can get them for yourself, they are really special.Β  I love the sharpness with which they are made, the mushrooms look like they are taken from the forest and caught by the mug or that they have always grown in this place.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a ceramics course for a long time because I love it. But until then I sit on the sidelines and admire other artists who make really wonderful things.
Handling clay and turning out such wonders is not that easy, you have to study a lot how the materials work with each other, during firing you have to have the perfect firing so it doesn’t crack, doesn’t discolour and lasts as long as possible.
It’s not easy, but with experience everything is learned.

The best thing to do when you have such a jewel in the house is not to be lazy to wash it by hand and make the mistake of putting it in the washing machine.
Handmade ceramic pieces should never be washed by hand because there is a risk of losing their shine and colour.

Mushroom πŸ„ Mugs- view more here

Mushrooms Peek Out from Whimsical Vessels Crafted by Ceramicist Abby Dawson


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