Hundreds of people every day are waking up to the potential of living in Michigan and exploring what the Great Lakes State has to offer. But, is the move really worth it? In case you are debating the idea of moving to Michigan, here are a couple of things that should help you make that all-important decision.

Why move to Michigan?

If you’re wondering why so many individuals are interested in making the move, it’s probably got something to do with the jaw-dropping landscapes and the soothing climate. This naturally makes the state seem attractive for people seeking an active outdoor lifestyle. From frolicking around in the innumerable lakes around the state to something relatively more extreme like getting around in a jet-ski, those in need of a little adventure should feel right at home.

Michigan also comes with the advantage of affordable housing. The cost of living is one of the cheapest out there, $89 against the national average of $100. You’ll also only be spending somewhere around a hundred and fifty grand instead of the bloated mean of $231,200 in other parts of the country.

Hovering over the idea of affordable housing, it makes a lot of sense for someone moving into a new home to get renters insurance. You never know when you might run into some unexpected trouble and it’s renters insurance that’ll offer you much-needed respite every single time. Right from a fatal fire or a flash of lightning to theft and vandalism, a long list of liabilities tends to get covered under the purview of a single recurring payment. Most landlords in and around Michigan are even going to the lengths of making it compulsory and even, including renters insurance under the agreement.

Possible issues that you might be running into if you choose to move to Michigan

While Michigan might be a great state to live in, it does present its own share of difficulties. Other than the issues inherent to making a long-distance move, here are some that are specific to the region.

Crippling economy

Michigan was one of the states worst hit by the economic crisis in 2008. The economy is still trying to reel from the repercussions of that event. Since 2009, the state has lost a whopping 805,900 jobs, affecting 1 in every 6 locals. Financial experts believe that this might have something to do with the fact that there is an alarming lack of diversity in the job market. Out of the 800,000 odd jobs that were lost, a whopping 219,000 jobs belonged to the transportation and manufacturing industry alone.

But, concerted efforts at the local and national levels have given a boost to the economy. It’s currently placed 23rd in the list of states best for employment opportunities. Along with the traditional transportation and utility industries, the tourism industry is experiencing a boom as well. But, do keep in mind that it might be a little hard to settle into a stable, high-paying job immediately. Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor are some of the localities that you can consider to get you to a rollicking start in the job market front.

Exorbitant costs of education

Michigan is home to some of the prestigious universities from across the country like the Michigan State of University and the Hope College. Not just that, the collegiate sports teams based off of Michigan are among the best in the country. These include the infamous Pistons and the Tigers.

But, like most good things, this comes at a hefty price. The average cost of state tuition was found to be $6,585 in the year 2017-18. So, there’s a high chance that you will be running into student debt if you choose to pursue higher studies at one of the esteemed colleges from around here.

Harsh and chilly winters

Sure, the weather in Michigan lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities, but the winters here tend to be extremely cold and unbearably snowy. The complete absence of sunshine might not be something that a lot of individuals may be privy to. Admittedly, average snowfall over upwards of 200 inches does get a little getting used to.


Moving to Michigan comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages. The landscapes are a definite draw and are an absolute delight to anyone that enjoys outdoor activities. It also happens to be one of the cheapest communities to live in. But, you’ll need to combat the high cost of education and the relative lack of decent employment opportunities. So, be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to move to Michigan, the Wolverine State.