Nothing lasts forever and everything can break sooner or later. Household appliances work exactly on this principle. Washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, and boilers have a warranty period, but whether the appliances will continue to work depends on many criteria.

Wear and tear of parts and violation of operating rules are common causes of breakdowns. It is inconvenient when an electric kettle, toaster, or microwave fails, but the worst thing is to be left without a washing machine. Whatever the breakdown is, it can be fixed by Ottawa appliance repair specialists. Let’s look at the possible reasons why your home appliances can break.

Why can large household appliances break down?

There can be many reasons for the breakdown of large household appliances. Here are the most popular ones:
Cheap models. People are always arguing about whether to buy expensive household appliances or not. Sometimes they are needed, sometimes not. But you cannot buy only cheap equipment because it will break very quickly.
Problems in the electrical network. This is what people often face as well. Especially those who connect everything at once to one outlet. Suddenly, something happens, the equipment starts to burn from overload, the parts become unusable, and that’s it – you need to make a new major purchase.
Improper installation or operation. People should not just buy large household appliances: they need to do it in compliance with safety rules and exactly with the instructions that come with the equipment.
The most common reason for the breakdown of household appliances, however, is its owners who either misunderstand something or do not want to understand it at all. They just use the equipment until it wears and tears with a disregard for safety rules and instructions. In any case, if a failure occurs with large household appliances, there is no time to waste, it is better to turn to professionals who can quickly restore the equipment.

What household appliances break most often?

Vacuum cleaners

Specialists unanimously say that vacuum cleaners break down most often of all household appliances, and the reason for this is improper use. In order for a vacuum cleaner to work for a long time and be functional, you need to use it correctly and properly care for it. To do this, you need to empty the dust collector from debris on time and do not use it for a long time as this can lead to overheating.

Washing machines

It shouldn’t be surprising that most often washing machines fail due to improper use. Breakages also occur because of the quality of water supplied to the washing machine. The thing is that water is hard and can cause scale on the heating element and other nodes, which eventually leads to the failure of its components. Frequent voltage drops in the electrical network also adversely affect the operation of the washing machine.


The very first enemy of the refrigerator is voltage drops. For this reason, refrigerators and freezers most often break down. Refrigerators also break if you install the device close to appliances that radiate heat. Do not “force” your refrigerator to work until it wears out, this can adversely impact the operation of the compressor. Try to defrost the fridge on time and carry out timely cleaning. If you adhere to the most basic rules for care and use, then for the next seven years, you will not need to worry about repairing it.

Small home appliances

When it comes to small appliances, some of them that have a one-year warranty last more than five years without replacement parts or failures. The modern kitchen has a lot of small household appliances: kettles, coffee makers, meat grinders, food processors, microwave ovens, blenders, mixers, and many others. These devices also sometimes bring trouble to their owners. If the device breaks down, then, of course, you want to repair and continue to use it. But, in some cases, repairs are not justified since buying a new device will be cheaper than repairing an old one.


Not to make a choice between purchase and repair, you need to take into account all the nuances that are written in the manuals for the device. Most often, household appliances break down as a result of careless use. Therefore, if you want your home assistants to serve for a long time, treat them responsibly and seriously. Keep the device clean, do not overload it, and use it only for its intended purpose. If you adhere to the most basic rules, then you will not have any problems when using household appliances.