This minimalist contemporary house blends the purity of the modern themes with a fine countryside warmth. Quite unusual for the present-day tastes, the atmosphere of the penthouse reminds me of an ancestral song. Just imagine yourself calming your senses on a beach, admiring the sea, dreaming with eyes open… This disconnects you from the daily chaos and recharges the essential roots. I love everything modern lines, modern and simple design, bathed in light and neutral colors.This interior is right up my alley and to be honest, I would love to wake up in the morning in such an atmosphere. Catch the spirit of this story and model your home with  pure whites, honest wood and luminosity. Explore the gallery to find out how to create a minimalist contemporary house with a modern-rustic touch! The fireplace in the living room is the centerpiece, the element around which the inhabitants of the house gather, tell stories, drink tea and laugh. It’s almost indispensable if you want to add a twist to your interior.

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Open Floor Plan with Intense Luminosity

Living and dining share an open plan, overlooking and welcoming each other. Clean and without ornaments, the living room invites you to relax on a large modular sofa and to dive into a natural landscape. Again, floor to ceiling transparent windows offer visibility towards the terrace neighbouring a green area. How do you create the modern rustic style in a minimalist contemporary house? Here are several tips to explore. Use unfinished wood as a dominant base, be it rough or freshly cut to introduce a bit of wilderness at home. Then, play with textiles: linen, wool and cotton! They make the decor natural and comfortable.

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Sandy Kitchen with High Tech Equipment and Modern Rustic Flavours

Designed by Josep Ruà Spatial, the penthouse feels extremely warm and welcoming. With its sandy tones and serene atmosphere, the home is fully equipped. Moreover, it enjoys a high functionality. The kitchen splurges into a generous open floor that opens to all the surrounding vistas. The benefits? You can easily cook and move around the island table. Then, when dinner is ready, your guests will gather in one second around the dishes. So, organise the space smartly and make maximum use of the storing facilities. As a result, the space feels airy and clean.

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Chic Fireplace Becomes the Focal Point of the Room

What about lazy evenings near the fireplace? Nowadays, we can enjoy both warmth and stylish design without even causing dirt around. The fireplace above looks like a hanging UFO irradiating the room. It is stylish, slim and extremely catchy. If you had not known its functions, you would have bet it is an astonishing contemporary sculpture. Moreover, together with its minimalist look, this modern fireplace delimits the space with elegance. A fine mental mark arose between dining and living room, making the place look well finished and organized.

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Natural Light, the Best Ingredient in Our Kitchen

When it comes to lighting, nature delivers the best solutions. Nothing compares to a beautifully lit kitchen! Its energy will immediately irradiate your home, making it shinny and bright. In addition, white furniture reflects light in a mild, calm way. Also, add a silvery touch to the room and you will enliven the space. How? Opt for silvery accessories (handles, pegs, standers etc) or decorations (vases, flower pots, table clocks etc). In no time, they will become the sparkling joy of the room!

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Minimalist Living Room Overlooking an Urban Terrace

What about a calming view while enjoying your morning coffee? Or a fine dinner by the candle light just before sunset? You’ve come to the right place. The living room above features a large terrace by its side, extremely accessible and friendly. As you can easily notice, they both share similar design themes. This is because they are in a permanent connection through a generous transparent wall. First rule when you mix two or more rooms: look for reciprocity. Colors have to complement each other, the pieces of furniture need to act as twin counterparts.

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Warm Wood and Grey Tones In A Minimalist Bathroom

This bathroom welcomes the inhabitants in a generous, naturally lighted space. Although painted in grey, beige wood and light make it warm, cozy and mild. It is a very pleasant space, perfect for relaxation and leisure after a stressing day. I adore the fact that you can take a bath while admiring a natural landscape. Last, but not least, the lighting pendants create interesting spots in the room. Also, the toilet stands elegantly in a secluded area, hidden behind a grey parapet. Thus, nothing nasty interferes with the beautiful view.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom For Recreation

Wood seems to be the key element of the room. This natural flooring with a rough look makes the room feel extremely comfy and relaxed. You step in and enjoy the energy of a simple, vital space. Although furniture is very minimalist, the space feels balmy and spirited. Pick some traditional elements and you will bring the rustic feel inside. For example, traditional stools or carpets, wool blankets, clay statues, white lamps and baskets. With a pair of free standing bedside tables, you will gain space underneath.

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3 Solutions For Small Bathrooms

First of all, white. Paint as much as possible in white or look for accessories and furniture in this non-colour. Space will become increasingly wider and expanded. Secondly, large mirrors. It is not a secret that they enlarge the space in no time. Those with a neat finish will look well finished and integrated in the overall design. Thirdly, avoid clutter. Select what is necessary, organise your stuff, use the drawers and its compartiments, do not exagerate with cosmetics and … simply enjoy the time there wisely.

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Extremely practical, the library offers easy access to the shelves.

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Time to enjoy a raining shower in a generous space!

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