An exciting part of the new year is to see what trends it brings. Design enthusiasts are always on the watch out for the latest trends that will become a trademark in the future and 2022 has no shortage of them. Trends evolve constantly and we have seen them become a big part of our homes in the past few years, especially when it comes to the living room trends. However, it is important to design a space in a way that fits your needs and feels best to you. Your living room is one of the most important spaces in your home and the latest trends will give you a blueprint to find an exciting way to jazz up the space. Let us take a look at the exciting living room trends to watch out for in 2022.

A dash of color

Irrespective of whether you like bright colors or not, they are a great way to infuse zest in space. If you lean towards the minimal textures and colors, you will also find it easy to incorporate a bright tone in the living room. But this does not really mean you have to go all out. You can embrace the color through unique prints or by adding a dash of color to the furniture. Do not take the paintbrush out, instead choose printed fabrics, window treatments, or upholstered sofas and chairs. It can add a new personality to the space.

2. Multifunctional spaces

The past two years have made us realize the importance of multifunctional spaces and now is the right time to create a living room that works for everyone. Minimalism will make a comeback but it will not be limited to the silhouettes and colors. Instead, it will go deeper into the concept of minimalism and will include rooms that can double up as more than one space. Your living room can double up as a play area for your children. If you do not have pets and kids at home, you can create a calm, reading nook in the room. People have understood that we can live with less and as we downsize, we will try to make the most of the living room space. It can also become a part office or a workout room.

3. Outdoors are coming indoors

We have already understood the importance of nature and are regaining the connection to the natural world. This includes creating calm environments with the right ventilation and natural lighting while including plants. We will see a lot of greenery indoors this year, in the living room and the kitchens. It is a strong trend that will continue to remain a part of our homes.

4. Sustainable furniture

Sustainability has become a huge part of everything in our lives, and for good reason. Looking into sustainability is essential and it is a great way to learn what materials are ideal to use for our long-term health and well-being. There is a lot to choose from and you will see a lot of living rooms with sustainable furniture. Even if you have to pay slightly higher for it, the decision will pay off in the long term. Natural materials like stone, wood, clay, and rattan will easily blend with any color, or style in your home. It will also add lightness and warmth to the home decor and make you feel like you are on a vacation in your home.

5. Round furniture

We have heard a lot about the sharp, sleek and modern furniture but this year will be different. Shares are morphing and after a long streak, we will see a wide variety of silhouettes. There will be a lot of curvy furniture and fewer edges. If you are in search of new furniture, Bouclair offers coffee tables that add a classic vibe in the room. Whether they are couches or tables, there will be a lot of curvy furniture across living rooms. Right from the curved corners in the walls to the cabinets and curved backs of dining chairs, there will be a soft, wavy feel to it.

These are some of the top trends that will rule 2022. Whether you are planning to renovate the space or replace the furniture in your living room, keep these top trends in mind. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create a unique space in your home. Just add a dash of color through a bright rug or cushions and make the space look as good as new. Design trends come and go but there are some trends that stay for a long time and these trends change the way we look at our home. Keep them in mind whenever you plan to redo your space.