Air conditioning units require maintenance and inspection from time to time to make sure they are running efficiently all year round. However, an A/C unit can give you clear signs that it is starting to fail, such as lack of cold air, leakage, reduced airflow, and even in some cases, unusual odors can arise, which can be very unpleasant.

According to this page, you can save time and money by hiring a quality A/C repair service that can help you restore your A/C’s performance to good condition. Especially during the summer months, a normal functioning A/C is a must-have, and when it is not working as intended, it can be frustrating and a major headache. That is why it’s important to watch out for these signs that may indicate your A/C is failing…

No Cold Air

The most common sign that your A/C unit may need repairs is that you’ll notice a lack of cool airflow in your home. Instead, your unit may be blowing warm air, which is not a good sign. When this happens, there is a possibility that the system’s compressor failed or refrigerant levels are too low. There could also be a problem with the thermostat or a potential refrigerant leak. To restore your A/C unit’s cold air to every room in your home, it’s recommended to hire a professional A/C repair service to take a look at your unit to see how it can get fixed.

Reduced Air Flow

Something is wrong with your A/C if it’s not performing as it used to when it first got installed. An example of reduced performance is reduced airflow, which can be caused by a dirty or clogged air filter. But this can also be because your air ducts are not sealed properly or need to be cleaned. A compressor failure can also be the issue, in which case it may have to be repaired or replaced depending on its condition.

Unusual Smells

Your A/C isn’t supposed to be giving off unusual smells; if you pick up on a strange smell or odor coming from your A/C unit, that is not normal. For example, a rotten egg smell may indicate a natural gas leak. An electrical or burning smell may signify that the motor or another electrical component is overheating. If your house guests are telling you they smell something musty, this could be the result of mold or moisture build-up in the ductwork of your home.


Any leakage coming from your A/C is a sign that your unit needs repair. Leakage can present itself in several ways, such as a refrigerant leak or the condensate line being either broken or blocked. In any case, you will need to address any moisture issues with your A/C repair service so you can prevent the growth of mold. When a leakage in your A/C unit is left unchecked, the moisture can cause damage to surrounding structures and can create an area for mold to expand. For a heavy leakage, it is highly recommended to contact a local A/C repair service so they can locate and fix the leak as soon as possible.