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Have you just moved into a new house or been planning to redecorate your old place?

There are some universal tricks for interior designs that designers apply to make your interiors look aesthetic with the least amount of cost and effort.

Sometimes, even the smallest things can make the biggest impact.

It could be a painting, a lamp, the addition of a mirror, or even a plant.

Perhaps you’d like to brighten a specific area in your house, soften your walls, or add some warmth to your living room.

No matter the reasons, take a quick look at these top ten clever interior design ideas and see how they can inspire you!

#1: Use Area Rugs to Soften Your Floors

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Throw rugs provide warmth and can add amazing color, texture, and personality to your house. Hardwood floors are gorgeous, and you can maintain them easily. However, they do lack the comfort carpeted floors provide, especially in the cooler days.

Area rugs can add both beauty and functionality to your living area.

You can use several of varying fabrics and patterns together to display your personality. Or, you can add several different rugs of the same fabric and pattern, as well as textures but with the same color—the possibilities are endless.

Also, you can change your rugs to reflect the seasons with lighter tones and fabrics for warmer months and warmer ones for the cooler days of the year.

There are lots of beautiful cotton washable rugs that are ideal for those houses with children. Who says that a home with kids cannot be a stylish one?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you and your specific requirements of using area rugs.

If you like intricate artistry, consider Persian rugs as the designs consist of different shapes of people, animals, geometric, and everyday objects that are specific by regions. They are a classic example of life imitating art and art imitating life, inspiring designers and artists all over the world.

#2: Paint Your Bookcases Or Use Wallpapers

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This direct pop of color will definitely brighten your room and re-energize the whole area. It’s really staggering how something so simple as colorful paint can energize and transform your living space instantly.

The easiest and most inexpensive way to transform any boring space in your house would be to apply a coat of colorful paint.

Bookcases can be an ideal place to start as you won’t have to paint a large area.

Other places to add a pop of color would be painting the insides of closets, fireplace mantels, ceilings, and hallways.

#3: Paint Your Small Rooms In Lighter Color to Make them Feel Not So Small

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Your living room could be smaller than usual. And if so, it might appear cramped.

However, with light colored walls, large windows, and ample use of mirrors, your living space will reflect the natural light entering from the doors. The use of mirrors will also give the optical illusion of space, which makes the area seem larger than it is.

On the other hand, darker colors may make your room feel smaller. Even with the strategic placement of your mirrors and the abundance of natural light, it will have a more boxed-in vibe to it.

#4: Mix It Up

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with placing your family heirlooms alongside the brand new couch you’ve recently just bought.

Remember, the most crucial part of decorating your home is to make sure it reflects your personality and style.

That antique Chippendale desk sitting quietly in the back tells the story of your past. And that modern couch you purchased also tells a story, a present one that is—and there’s no reason why your present and past cannot co-exist together beautifully.

You can say the same for art. Well, you wouldn’t probably place a painting by Monet on the same wall next to Salvador Dali—but that doesn’t mean they cannot be in the same room together.

With fabrics, whether rugs, pillows or furniture, varied patterns, and colors can bring texture and warmth into your living space.

#5: Use Decorative Mirrors

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You can also use mirrors to make a small room feel larger.

For rooms with limited natural light, consider placing the mirrors across from the windows directly—this will add instant light.

You can further use decorative mirrors in lieu of art to fill an empty space on the wall. Small or larger, mirrors add dimension and light to your living space.

#6: Get Under Something A Little More Cosy

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Slipcovers are a wonderful thing. They change the look of your furniture to reflect the seasons. You can use these easily removed coverings to give a sophisticated appeal without always worrying about guests spilling coffee on your furniture.

Slipcovers are well-suited for rooms used by children the most.

#7: Place a Hanging Pot Holder In Your Beautiful Kitchen

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Your kitchen is meant to be warm and inviting.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen to prepare meals or serve them. A hanging pot rack can be very useful. It can make your kitchen feel like it’s in constant use (as it should be).

There are many styles and sizes available for hanging pot holders, and they all look wonderful in kitchens.

#8: Wicker Baskets

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Wicker baskets are an elegant way to add storage in your room.

You can use them to store and showcase toys, blankets, towels, books, architectural and decor magazines, etc.

You can place a few wicker baskets on your kitchen’s countertops to display and store your fruits and vegetables beautifully.

#9: Go Green

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Consider adding plants to your living area. If possible, add them to each room—large or small.

Plants are undoubtedly a great way to showcase color and texture in your living space. Not only are they beautiful but also can balance humidity and clean household air.

Plants are known to absorb pollutants and get rid of harmful gases from the air. In fact, no house should ever be without such wonderful greens!

#10: Make Use of The Things You Already Have to Decorate Your Home

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We all have items in our possessions; items that we might have packed up in boxes somewhere in the house and haven’t had the chance to give them a second glance.

Your home needs a few accessories.

Instead of rushing to a store, take a look at what you may already have. Wooden, Trays, metal, acrylic, or silver can be placed on top of tea carts, luggage racks, bedside tables, coffee tables, and trunks for extra dimension and texture.

Consider arranging candles, pile books, or frames on top of each of them. You can hang the plates to create beautiful wall art.

Art from your children’s books can also be framed and hung in their rooms, bathrooms, or nurseries. You’ll be blown away by knowing what you can do with the items that you already have in possession!
Wrapping Up
Regardless of what space you are planning to decorate, there’s nothing more crucial than paying attention to details.

In this post, we tried to share some of the best interior design tips to help you get a better idea of what good design actually means.

If you’re cool with mastering a few basic home decorating principles and putting your creativity to the test, you are sure to enjoy a house that’s going to be both comfortable and stylish.

Which of the above interior design ideas did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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