Operating any type of manufacturing facility requires ensuring all areas are secure. That includes the loading dock, warehouses, plant floors, and other key areas. The right combination of overhead doors on universaldoorltd.com together with security gates Toronto will go a long way toward keeping the place secure. Here are four features that those doors and gates must offer.

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Choice of Materials

What type of materials is best for your doors and gates? Many business owners prefer metal for exterior doors as well as for the gates surrounding the operation. It’s true that the right metal will provide a number of benefits and more than justify the cost as the years pass.

There are also designs that include the use of more than one type of material. An expert with an overhead door service Toronto can help you evaluate each design and determine which combination of materials would work best for your facility.

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The Gate Style

Have you thought about which type of security gate style would work best for your facility? There are gates that swing inward or outward with ease. Perhaps a sliding gate would work best in your case. The latter is certainly more space efficient and easier to open and close.

Along with exploring styles for security gates in Toronto, there are also different types of doors to consider. They may swing outward, move to the side, or raise and lower with relative ease. You may find some styles are better for the plant interior while others work best for the entrances to warehouses and other storage areas.

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Automated and Manual Operation

If you are thinking of going with custom security gates and doors, it’s a good idea to choose automated doors and gates. With the right setup, it’s easy to open and close them in a shorter period of time. Even so, you want those automated gates and doors to be equipped with the sort of manual override.

If the power fails, there is still a way to open and close them if the need arises. The ability to open the doors and gates manually will also come in handy if the automated openers should fail due to some mechanical issue. An expert with one of the gate and overhead door services can help you explore designs that include automated and manual operation features.

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Maintenance and Upkeep

Ideally, the gates and overhead doors you choose will require no more than a minimum of maintenance. That includes having a professional from one of the local overhead door services in Toronto conduct a complete inspection annually. A service contract that includes the annual inspection plus support if any damage occurs will be money well spent.

Remember that security gates and overhead doors are a key asset to your operation. Invest in higher quality doors and gates to ensure the facility is properly protected. You also want those doors and gates to be in line with what your insurance provider considers reasonable protections for the property. In more than one way, the right choice will serve you well for decades.

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