If you’re in the market to finally purchase your dream home and leave behind the frustrations of renting, there are several things you must do before and after buying the property.

Before you buy a home, you’ll need to secure mortgage loan pre-approval before you can start house hunting and browsing Texas real estate listings. Once you’ve found a home that captures you, you’ll need to have an appraisal done and opt for a professional inspection before negotiating the asking price and finally sealing the deal.

That said, once you’ve purchased your home, you’ll need to do these five things before you can move into the property.

Purchase Home Insurance

Home insurance is an essential policy for all homeowners. This insurance policy will protect your pocket from unpredictable costs that stem from fires, vandalism, theft, burglary, and even some kinds of natural disasters.

Compare deals with leading insurance providers to find a policy that suits your coverage needs and your budget.

Once you have insurance, it’s worthwhile to look into a home warranty plan as a beneficial add-on. Home warranties help cover the costs when major home systems and appliances need repairs or breakdown.

Connect The Utilities

Next, you’ll need to connect the water, gas, and electricity before you can move into your new home. It’s essential to contact the relevant local municipality to determine the required documentation to take over the utilities and schedule a switch-on date.

Set Up Home Security

If the property isn’t secured with a modern home security system, it’s essential to contact a reliable security company and have a custom system installed before you move in.

A suitable home security system must have sensors, monitoring devices, and alarms. Moreover, there are also some smart home tech devices that can double-up your level of security and even drop your home insurance premiums.

Set Up Cable And Internet

In today’s modern world, it’s highly likely you need internet at home, whether to stream entertainment or get work done from your home office.

Contact your cable and internet provider to help set up these essentials before your move-in date.

Have The Property Deep Cleaned

Whether the home has been standing vacant for several months or the previous owners were a bit messy, it’s pretty essential to opt for a deep clean before moving into your new home.

You can devote your own time towards deep cleaning the property or opt for a professional cleaning service to handle this major chore for you. Either way, it’s essential to have your home thoroughly cleaned to remove dust, allergens, and any lingering dirt left behind.

Another important thing you must do is sort out and digitally store all the relevant documentation. Moreover, it’s also vital to update property tax specifics.

Once you’re ready to move into your new home, be sure to plan the move and pack with a high standard of planning and organization. The more organized you are during packing, the easier the process of moving will be.