We spend so much time and money planning a perfect vacation or trip, but what is stopping us from turning our houses into ultimate staycation paradises? After all, isn’t relaxation and excitement are the main reasons for taking a vacation? There is no need to wait for a whole year to finally enjoy the perks that vacation offers. Revamping your house and backyard into a relaxing dream destination is your chance to enjoy the soothing vacation vibes that will definitely rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

You can turn your house into a stimulating and fun place, a romantic getaway with your loved one, or give it a cozy cabin feeling. It’s all about the details and the extent of your imagination. However, designing the right staycation resort can be a hassle if you don’t know what to start with, but hopefully, these tips and project ideas will help you on your mission of transforming your house into a staycation paradise.


Create an entertaining outdoor space

If you want a real drastic change from your ordinary backyard to a stunning resort-themed outdoor space for a long-term staycation, you need professional help. A swimming pool is a necessity when turning your space into a paradise. As a leading company in the swimming pool installation and landscape solutions industry, Neave Group believes that a backyard swimming pool can greatly enhance the beauty of your property while helping you to separate your outdoor space into various entertaining zones. These fun zones can include an outdoor patio with benches or garden sofas for lounging with your friends, an area with installed fireplace for relaxing cooler nights, or a hill with a telescope for a stargazing experience. You can also consider hanging a hammock, placing comfortable furniture and bright outdoor throw rugs, decorating your yard with outdoor plants and lanterns, and placing a grill for a delicious barbecue with friends and family. The options are endless.

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Create an atmosphere

There are many things that you can use to create the appropriate atmosphere for a staycation paradise in your house. Use candles and aromatherapy oils for romantic and beach vibes, buy a hot tub and bath salts for a spa experience and decorate your house with elements and souvenirs from your favorite vacation destinations to indulge in the foreign atmosphere of another country. You can also hang photos and pictures of islands, beaches, and other beautiful scenery to create the feel of nature in your house.

Maximize and organize your space

This advice is straight-forward, but also very useful. Cleaning your space, getting rid of old furniture and organizing storage areas can really make a difference and inspire you to install even more of your staycation ideas. Clean inside the house, as well as clear your background by trimming tree branches, sweeping away debris and leaves, and wash all hard surfaces.

If you will use these tips and let your imagination take over, you will discover that you can have a staycation mood and atmosphere every single weekend. Plan your project, choose the required elements and features that will transform your house and backyard, and enjoy your staycation paradise as long as you want.