It’s always nice to have a spacious home, where everything has a place and you aren’t tripping over your belongings every time you move into a new room!

No matter how large your home is, you always seem to fill every corner and crevice of every room. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small studio apartment or a large property, it’s easy to buy a few too many things and end up with no space at all.

As lovely as it is to have all of the belongings you could ever need, it’s not practical to have things strewn all over your home. But we know all too well how difficult it can be to find a place for everything and more importantly, keep things in their place when you’re leading a busy life.

How Can You Save Space in Your Home?

Whether you’re a homeowner or you currently rent a place to live, there’s plenty that you can do to maximize the space in your property. Below, we have compiled a list of top tips to help you save space in your home.

Buy compact kitchen gadgets

Kitchen appliances are, undoubtedly, some of the largest belongings that you can own. From the microwave to the food processor to the coffee machine, these technologies can take up a large amount of space in your kitchen.

The problem with many kitchen appliances is their bulkiness. It’s difficult to find space in your cupboards to store your devices when you’re not using them.

It’s almost impossible to cook without at least a few kitchen devices but don’t worry! You don’t need to give up your delicious dinners to save space! You can now get compact devices that can be easily folded or stored away in your kitchen.

Purchasing compact appliances enables you to continue cooking and baking with a clear and spacious kitchen countertop. For example, you can get an undercounter water filtration system or you can go for a microwave that is built into your cupboard space so that it doesn’t need to clutter your counter.

These are just two of many great ways to keep kitchen appliances out of the way to make your cooking area as spacious as possible.

Install a foldable bed

Foldable beds are the perfect option to save space in your bedroom. They are relatively cheap to install. They don’t cost any more money than a standard bed but they can make all the difference to your storage space.

Foldable beds attach directly to the wall and can be pulled down each night to form a traditional bed. In the morning, you can push the bed back up against the wall and enjoy a spacious bedroom during the daytime.

You could even take things one step further and get a foldable all-in-one gym bed. This is a new concept but is already gaining popularity in the Western world.

A foldable gym bed works the same as any other foldable bed but it can transform into your very own home gym. They can come with a pull-up bar, power rack, and adjustable bench so that you can work out from the comfort of your own bedroom without taking up too much space.

Buy stackable storage solutions

If you’re somebody who owns a lot of things, it can be difficult to find a home for everything. Using single shelves or cupboards isn’t always the most effective way of storing your items.

Choosing stackable storage solutions is a much more space-efficient way to keep your belongings well-organized. You can get storage boxes that fit on top of one another or choose sliding shelves that can be easily stacked together.

Lots of storage solutions can be fixed to your wall to save even more space. You can wave goodbye to rooms that are packed full of bulky furniture and say hello to a spacious house where everything has its place!

Declutter your belongings

As resistant as you might be to getting rid of some of your belongings, it’s worth having a decluttering session to make space in your home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to find storage space for everything you own, the easy solution is to get rid of some of these things!

Spend the day going through each room and finding things that you no longer need or want. Consider giving some of your belongings to charity or your friends. After you have decluttered, you can have a good old tidy and reorganize your space!v