Adding some greenery into your home can give your space a comfortable, relaxing ambiance. This year, several people have fully embraced their plant obsession. While plant collecting is a rewarding hobby, it can be problematic if you want to use plants to decorate your home. Plants have different requirements, and meeting each one is crucial if you want to make sure that you don’t end up killing your beloved potted pal. If you are among those who want to infuse a little life into their home, read on.

Use Tall Plants for Corners

One of the challenges of decorating a home is the corners. While putting a quaint side table may do the trick, it’s incomparable to adding a bit of lush greenery with floor plants. Make sure to get a tall plant that can serve as a focal point, so you don’t end up with a dull corner space.

Adorn Table Tops With Orchids

Don’t limit yourself by focusing on greens. When you want to liven up your space, you should consider adding a pop of colour with orchids. Orchids are a favourite among designers because it gives a room a different depth with its beautiful architectural forms. Some would consider orchids as like having a real-life sculpture. The great thing about decorating with an orchid is that it can be a statement piece on its own.

Consider Indoor Heating

When you have an indoor heating system, you need to factor it when taking care of your plants. You cannot simply adjust your heating without considering if your plants can handle it. If you plan to have a plant near your furnace, you have to ensure that your plants will not burn as a result. If your furnace has inconsistent heating, it would be best to have a professional like Accuserv analyze whether the heating can be adjusted to match your indoor plants’ requirements. This will be crucial if you are planning to have tropical plants in your home.

Go for a Vertical Indoor Garden

If your home has limited floor space, you can always decorate with plants. You just have to be a little creative about it. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have a vertical garden. You can drill in a steel matting and buy little pots so you can put your green thumb to use. Choose trailing plants to give your wall depth and life. Some of the plants you can mix are pothos, philodendrons, and hoyas. If you are going to add hoya into your vertical garden, make sure to place it somewhere near the window to get plenty of indirect lighting.

Group Plants Accordingly

If you are going to turn your home into a jungle, the trick is placing plants with similar requirements together. If you are new to gardening, you have to understand that different plant species have varying watering, lighting, and feeding needs. To make it easier on your part, you should place your tropicals together and have a different place for your succulents. Tip: Place your tropicals where there is enough humidity with indirect lighting. As for your cacti and succulents, don’t be afraid to expose them to direct sunlight. They love the sun!
Decorating can be a fun experience, but it is not something that you can do without doing any research. So before you place a plant in your window sill, be sure you know the personal requirements it needs to grow strong and sturdy.