Probably, everyone was making some kind of a moodboard as a child, be it a vision of the dream job or family. Nowadays, modboards have become increasingly popular in terms of brand design. And if you think that this method is good for professional graphic designers or interior designers only, think again. But first things first – what exactly a moodboard is? Essentially, it’s a collage comprising photos and illustrations, text, fonts, quotes, articles, even physical objects – basically, any visual references that appear appropriate for a given subject. The next question one may ask is: what is the connection between a brand and a moodboard? Nowadays, a brand is a much broader notion than just a company. Rather, it’s the way a business is communicating with the outer word, the target audience being the core of this communication. Any visual elements are a crucial component of the message the brand intends to get across to its clients. And that’s when the moodboard comes in very handy. Now, let’s figure out how a moodboard can be of practical assistance to your business.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Any brand is absolutely not something carved in stone, because it has a life cycle of its own: creation, development, changes and adaptations and sometimes even a complete rebranding. A moodboard is an exceptionally useful tool for these milestone phases. When a team has a discussion of certain issues in terms of brand creation or development, it often happens so that while everyone hears the same ideas and suggestions, in their mind’s eye they get their own picture of what has been just said which may be completely different from what your team members imagine. This may result in misunderstandings and misinterpretations causing a delay in the decision making process. We are pretty sure you know this feeling.
A moodboard can solve this problem. With its help, you can rest assured that everyone involved in the process is on the same page and has a detailed understanding of what is being discussed at the moment. Moodboards also prove useful when there is a need to brief executives on the current state of play, because they always prefer seeing to being briefed. Initially, a moodboard was a board literally with various shots and images being pinned on it. Given modern technologies, there is neither need nor much sense in continuing to do it this way – an online moodboard maker can do all the creative work for you.

Pinpointing Your Ideas

Like any creative process, brand building is about getting ideas and inspirations, filtering and shaping them into a harmonic concept in the end. Thus, if you don’t have any ideas, that’s not a good thing. On the other hand, if you have too many ideas – this can also be a challenge. When you are overwhelmed with new inspirations, forgetting previous ones and quickly moving to the new without giving them due consideration, this won’t lead you to a crystallized vision of your brand. With a moodboard, you can instantly turn your fresh ideas into at item on the board, and then further in the process you can either keep, change or discard them. Get the most out of your inspiration and creativity without being afraid to lose some important elements along the way. Any colors, fonts, photos, illustrations, pieces or writing or quotes can be easily added to your brand moodboard. However, as a broad-scope as a moodboard is, a balance is still necessary. Since it’s your brand board, don’t add to it everything you personally find interesting or nice. For example, if you come across some archive black and white photo, but it doesn’t fit into your brand concept all, then it’s not worthwhile including it into the moodboard. And by the way, you can create your personal moodboard if you wish just for yourself.

Being Emotional

Undoubtedly, the internet has made a lot of things more convenient and easier-to-use. However, in terms of rendering human emotions it often fails. And this is something a moodboard can improve. Visualization is the best way of reflecting feelings and emotions, and when several visual tools are concentrated in one object, its efficiency and effectiveness is increased by multiple times. A moodboard is a great opportunity to give way to your brand’s emotions, which you wouldn’t like to miss. Besides, a powerful emotionally charged message will catch the customer’s eye for sure.

Summing Up

Given all its apparent advantages, a moodboard can’t, of course, solve all issues one faces when developing a brand. Yet, the benefits it offers are very appealing and can be applied in many various situations. Being a compilation of different visual references, it makes the maximum use of their powerful synergy. Besides, with such a wide variety of different ingredients, you can create a tailor-made moodboard presentation meeting every need of your brand.