A lot of times, through your generosity and kindness, your house will more than likely be packed with people, with tens of dozens flying in and out. One evening, you may decide to throw a ridiculously large party, and decided against your better judgment, on choosing to host somewhere around 30 people all at once. The next morning, you go looking for your wallet, but it is gone. For that reason, and for a million more, security cameras have been invented. If you had installed a camera like your buddy has been telling you, you would have easily tracked down your wallet, regardless of where you essentially were.

With that said, security cameras always help prevent theft and other unwanted mishaps and here is why.

The different types of high-tech surveillance cameras

Always, to get the best result you will want to employ technology that is usually referred to as ‘high-tech’ technology. You will want to do your research and understand the different types of cameras and their uses for which they were developed.

You will want to look into unbiased reviews, gather information, tips, and tricks on home surveillance, home improvement tools, and drone products. The expert camera professionals of DD Counter Measures provide a list of different types of cameras for various purposes, with their tips and how to’s being in-depth, making for a reliable and easy to understand review. Depending on your home, you will want to choose between the best outdoor security cameras, while choosing some to be wireless.

Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

Dark Fighter technology cameras are designed to pick up the images that were captured in very low-light conditions. They support versatile technology, which can capture images in both daylight and nighttime. The sensors on these type of cameras are designed quite intricately so that they can record images in high-quality, providing you, the purchaser of this camera, with clearer images. It is perfect for those who want one camera to work in either condition of day or night. They have face detection technology and offer audio privileges.

ANPR/LPR Cameras

ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, while LPR stands for License Plate Cameras. These types of cameras help provide their users with an abundance of information, especially in areas with high traffic or congested places. They would make for good outdoor cameras, which are able to recognize the license plate of a burglar’s vehicle. They store information and also identify cars that may have been banned from a certain premise.

Dome Cameras

The shape of this camera is that of a dome, and it makes it difficult for people to tell which way the camera may be facing. They are typical for indoor and sometimes for outdoor use. By the air of uncertainty, criminals will think twice before breaking in. They are easily installed and support IR night vision technology.

Discreet CCTV

With their discreet placement and near invisibility, it makes for the ideal type of camera that will catch the theft while it is ongoing, with none of the thieves being any the wiser. Since it is difficult to spot them, thieves will less likely be able to damage them or disable them. They can be disguised in various objects and are extremely effective for indoor purposes.
How it helps deter crime

There are gadgets and gizmos in existence that you can name as ‘burglary deterrents’. By installing these kinds of deterrents, just like a cockroach cowers away in the sight of pesticides, a burglar may mirror such effects and cower away as well. If not, then they will most likely get caught in, with their faces being caught on these cameras you have installed.

By installing a camera, people will be affected positively. Just by saying that your house is monitored via the use of cameras, those that may have been spending countless nights planning how they are going to steal that rug that caught their eyes and had them fall in love with on the spot will instantly be deterred.

So if your housekeeping employee was blaming your handyman for all these times your towels went missing, you can now catch her red-handed, in the act. She will probably stop stealing your towels and maybe opt for smaller and more invaluable things, like paper towels. If not, then you can rest knowing that your house is free of any burglars.

White cctv outside the building, security system with vintage color tone

Real-life Examples of Cameras Preventing Theft

A Florida resident had once employed the aid of a doorbell camera. This was very smart on his behalf since the would-be burglars were unaware that their attempt was being watched. With the footage this camera had recorded, the thieves were identified and then, subsequently, captured.

A man in Massachusetts had installed a camera. With credits going to his prudence first, and camera second, his sidekick, the camera, have quickly notified this man of the intruders. Due to the swift and quick alert this camera had signaled, the police had captured the man midway through the break-in. Once again, preventing a theft.

There are more and more stories like these, which make for all the better reasons as to why you should install a camera, regardless of the neighborhood you reside in. Whenever you think you are safe, think of the poor man whose house was about to get robbed in Florida. Who even steals in Florida?

Where to install your cameras

Typically, look to install your cameras in places where high-value items are being stored. Also, think about placing outdoor cameras, and then the indoor cameras, though do try to be subtle. If you are not sure where exactly to place them, ask for a professional who will be able to install them in all of the proper places. They might also advise that you mainly opt for discreet cameras that can be placed in objects.

Generally speaking, a house without cameras leaves you exposed. Considering to install cameras sets you on the right path, though you must install them instantly. Yesterday is already too late. Think about where to put them, preferably with the help of a hired professional, and enjoy the perks of no longer having to deal with the fear of getting robbed.