Choosing the right type of flooring may not be an easy task considering that you will be faced with a plethora of options. With plenty of options to choose from, it can be difficult to find which one exactly fits your needs. Once you have chosen the type of material, the next daunting task would be to choose which design would be perfect.

To make the process less complicated, one should take into consideration several factors when choosing the right type of house flooring. These factors would include the function of the room and the overall design of your home. The people behind Online Flooring Store believe that finding the right house flooring should not take much time and energy on the part of homeowners. It would be best if shopping for floor tiles is done online to spare homeowners the hassle of driving and stopping from one store to another. It would be easier for you to let your imagination and creativity flow if you look for the right type of flooring online. With all the options just right in front of you, it will also become easier for you to decide which ones to choose.

But, how do you choose the right type of flooring gold coast for the right room? Read further to find out.

Solid or engineered wood for dining and living room

The best type of flooring for living and dining rooms is solid wood. If you’d notice, real estate ads would usually mention “Wood Flooring” because this type of floor material adds value to the home. Besides, with furniture feet, kid’s wheeled toys and pet claws make any flooring material very prone to damage. So, to ensure that your chosen floor material does not prove substandard to these kinds of damages, might as well choose solid wood. Moreover, engineered wood flooring that is made from Tigerwood or Brazilian walnut were also proven to be dent and scratch resistant.

Vinyl and porcelain tile for bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and mudroom

Bathroom and laundry room floorings are not exposed to damage caused by direct sunlight. It is also not prone to foot traffic unlike any other areas in the house. However, people using these rooms tend to splash water on the floor. Those who get out of the shower room would have water dripping on the floor. If you have kids, their inability to aim well would mean spilling some urine on the floor. Urine stains can be etched into a marble flooring while bleach can damage the finish of wood flooring. This is why it is best to choose porcelain tile, especially the textured one for your bathroom and laundry rooms. The textured design of porcelain tiles reduces its tendency to be slippery when wet. Vinyl can also be a less expensive alternative to porcelain tiles. But, vinyl tiles may not be as durable as porcelain. Porcelain and vinyl tiles also serve as the best options for kitchen and mudroom floors.

Porcelain tile or engineered wood for enclosed porch

The type of flooring you choose may depend on how exposed your porch is. Keep in mind that the floor in this part of your home would have to contend with the heat of direct sunlight. It can also be wet when rains blow through the screens. Not to mention the freeze-thaw cycle that it has to go through during a change of season. A porcelain tile will prove to be durable against any abuse that the floor in this area has to undergo. If your porch is heated and weatherproofed, an engineered wood would be a good option as well.

Whatever type of flooring material you choose, see to it that it will last for long. It is also important to have it installed by a professional. This ensures that your floor is durable while you also get some reliable aftercare tips to ensure your floor tiles look their best for years to come.