Whether you’re a first-time buyer or simply moving house, there are few more exciting feelings than getting the keys to your new property. But while picking out wallpaper and changing your address is the fun part, the buying process itself can be stressful if you don’t manage it properly.

In fact, a survey found that homeowners found buying a house more stressful than divorce, driving tests, and COVID-19.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways you can make this exciting process as stress-free as possible. Let’s dive in.

Work With the Right Team

There’s no doubt about it – finding the right legal team and property buyers agency Brisbane to work with, can significantly reduce your workload during the house-buying process.

Opt for a team with a reputation for excellence and exceptional customer service to deal with the bulk of the process. They’ll work hard so you don’t have to, helping you secure your dream home and complete the deal as swiftly as possible.

Be Financially Prepared

In many cases, buying a house throws up unexpected expenses that can put a dent in your pocket, whether that’s extra legal fees or a survey you didn’t account for.

Instead of buying a house at the very top end of your budget and spending every last dollar of your savings, have an extra financial buffer in case your final bill ends up being higher than you expected.

Communicate Frequently

Part of the stress of buying a home is not knowing what’s going through the heads of the sellers. If they’ve not yet found themselves a property by the time your offer is accepted, for example, you might fear they’ll pull out of the sale rather than move into rented accommodation.

To avoid the stress of unknown outcomes, keep in constant contact with the sellers, either directly or through your agents. That way, you can ask questions when they come up and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Get Pre-Approval From Your Bank

Sending off your mortgage application is undeniably anxiety-inducing, but even more so when you have no idea whether or not you’re eligible to borrow the amount of money you need.

Instead of going into the process blind, apply for pre-approval of a mortgage that fits your budget from your bank. That way, when it comes to applying for the real thing, you have a better idea of whether the bank will accept your application.

Keep Things in Perspective

Understandably, the home-buying process can at times become all-consuming, and act as a distraction from other aspects of your life such as work and relationships.

While buying a property is important, don’t let it become such a stressful presence in your life that it leads to burnout or negatively impacts other parts of your life.

Instead, lean on friends and family for support, and be sure to enjoy hobbies and social events outside of the process to help you maintain a sense of perspective.