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Holiday gift shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful event. In fact, if you do a bit of research and plan out your purchases, the whole experience can be fun and rewarding. This holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Use our holiday gift guide to find that perfect present for everyone on your list

We’ve broken down the guide into 5 different sections, including gifts for friends, family, and that person in your life who seems to have everything. So grab a pen, some paper, and a lot of holiday cheer, because we’ve just made gift shopping winter wonderful.

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Gifts for the New Homeowner on Your List

It’s common to offer new neighbours a gift when they move into your community, or if a friend finds a new apartment or house. But sometimes, new homeowners are offered quite a few gifts that they don’t actually need (or want). So what’s a good solution? Nice welcome mats or rugs are always great gifts for people who have recently moved. Sometimes it’s the last thing that people think about, but they add a charm and delightful touch to the home. They’re also practical, as they reduce the amount of dirt tracked into the new space.

Table lamps are another generous gift to new homeowners who might be struggling to find accent pieces for their living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Lastly, a lot of people tend to wait until the last minute to add things to their walls, leaving them empty for a few months. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find that perfect piece, and rooms are left looking a tad bare. If you know the person well and understand their style, try looking for wall art they might enjoy.

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Gifts for the Moms and Dads on Your List

Some parents love gifts from their children, while others will tell you to not worry about getting them anything for the holidays. If you’re adamant on finding something for your parents, then consider picking up one or more of the following. Drapery is a simple yet stylish addition to any home that really elevates a space. With so many styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that your parents will love.

Accent clocks are a wonderful decor gift for parents because they’re not only stylish, but because they’re functional. If you’re searching for gifts for new parents, then consider looking at cozy accent pieces, like pillows, throws, or a trendy rocking chair.

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Gifts for the Hostess on Your List

If you know someone who loves hosting parties, the best gifts are ones that will elevate their hosting experience. Functional yet fun items that will last for years will always be a hit. Candle holders are simple yet highly customizable gifts for anyone. They’re super functional and add wonderful style to the home, especially during holiday parties.

Want to up the ante? Bar carts are showstoppers and make truly fantastic gifts for people who love hosting. They’re practical and also serve as a great conversation piece during gatherings. A truly beautiful bar cart elevates a party and adds a touch of class. To turn it up even further, you can also get them started with brand new glassware or a bottle of their favourite drink.

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Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

But what do you get for the person in your life who seems to already have everything? Accent cushions are always great gifts for the person who has everything, as they can be used on special occasions, or when the person wants to change up their decor. Look for cushions with vibrant colours, fabrics, and cool designs that match your friend’s aesthetic. Don’t be scared to also play around with size.

If you really want to go all out, then consider purchasing a fire table. They’re dramatic and gorgeous, yet highly functional. Especially if the person you’re buying it for enjoys relaxing outside with friends and family. Lastly, at-home arcade games are always a fun gift,especially for the person who has everything. A retro game that can accommodate 4-players will for sure be the life of any party.

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Gifts for Animal Lovers

For the animal lovers on your list, consider giving them a unique and stylish pet bed for their furry friend. Modern pet beds are not only comfortable for animals, they also add beauty to a room. These are fun options for those who are particular about their furniture and want something that makes a statement. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles, depending on the person’s taste.

On the other hand, you can go another route and find animal printed rugs if they have an affinity for that style. Animal printed decor can be fun and playful, with so many different patterns to choose from. Wall art depicting beautiful images of vast landscapes with wildlife, or paintings of their favourite animal, can be another delightful gift. If you know the person is an animal lover, but don’t know them very well, consider asking a mutual friend for more insight. This can help you narrow down your search and find a gift that they’ll truly love.

Find the Best Gift for Everyone

Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is meant to inspire you and get your wheels turning. Holiday gift shopping can be a daunting task, but if you use our tips and plan your search carefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Before you make a purchase, ensure that you consider each person’s style, home layout, and what they’ve expressed they need (or want!) If you don’t know the person very well, ask a mutual friend what sorts of things they like. This will help you make a more informed purchase and give a gift that will last for years to come. has a great assortment of furniture, accessories and decor options for your holiday shopping list. Browse their website for more inspiration.