Would you like to feel glowing, in bloom every day? Or deeply connected with an invisible luxuriant forest that would nourish your soul profoundly? What about fresh ceramics and a verdant tablecloth for a calm and relaxing atmosphere? And transparent vases with leafy plants or elegant Callas? Nothing more appropriate when you want an infusion of freshness at home.

Explore the green collection of items we’ve gathered for you today: pictures of sparking interiors – from royal bedrooms to glamourous lush living rooms –, and a bunch of shopping recommendations, especially dining chairs, comfy stools and cushioned divans.

Seating solutions in vital greens

Dark royal green is one of the deepest nuances in the palette. This color is so special and intense that it is impossible not to stand out. Therefore, to let it show off, designers pair it with neutrals: light accents of beige, brown or gold. For example, a bright dining room with classical furniture accommodates greatly a set of chairs in rich green upholstery.

What about original panels, screens and dividers in abyssal green?

When it comes to painting, we have to admit that it’s not easy to choose bold colors in a room. Most of us go for the safe options: white, beige, cream. Introducing a bright green wall or panel into a room is somehow challenging, different and very catchy. You can opt for this artifice if you want to create a secluded spot in an open space or in a room of any kind. For example, a reading or conversation corner that can be highlighted with a vibrant green wall. Or, perhaps it’s visual frontier lines that you want to create with green. Separate the dressing from the bedroom, or the dining area from the kitchen with green mobile walls or gliding doors. A practical, but also “energizing” solution.

Micro gardens at home

I’ve always dreamed of having a little garden at home! On the windowsill, in the balcony or at least in a jar. Nature changes your mood so much! Flowers, green plants, succulents, shrubs have the power to change the spirit of every home. As you can see, you can play with sizes and layers. If you want enliven the narrow kitchen shelves, display small pots of plants (cactus, succulents, flowers etc.) like in a gallery. When the room is high and you have a corner that needs to be highlighted, place a lush, rich pot (olive tree, mini-palm tree, or a Japanese rose tree).