If you ever traveled or thought about traveling, then you’re well aware that searching for plane tickets can be a pain. More so, searching for cheap flights can be even more exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are certain tricks to finding the silver lining in your wallet while planning that perfect, well-deserved vacation.

It’s no secret that some countries and international airlines sell flight tickets cheaper than others, which sometimes feels unfair. In fact, pricey flight tickets keep many people from taking their dream trips—no more of that. We present 5 tips that grant you cheaper flight tickets.

1. VPNs

Kiwi reported last year that the cheapest countries to purchase flights in are Malaysia, Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Portugal, and so on. The varied prices are based on each country’s GDP and average salary. So, it’s no surprise that tickets cost more in Western countries like the US, Norway, Germany, or Switzerland.

What you need to do is fetch yourself a dependable VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. Once you have that, you just need to connect to a server located in an area where flight tickets cost less, like Bulgaria. Then head to a website where you want to buy the tickets, and you’ll already see the price difference. However, the trick is choosing the right VPN provider.

If you choose an underdeveloped service, your location spoofing won’t be effective. In brief, a weak VPN voids any attempt to beat airplane tickets’ dynamic pricing. So, does a free VPN for Android or iOS do the trick? Or do you need a premium VPN? In all cases, a paid service is superior. It guarantees high-quality service, which is essential for seeing that cost difference.

2. Clear cookies, use incognito

You might have noticed that upon revisiting a flight website to check out the prices of the same flights, the cost has increased. Well, that’s no mistake. That’s because websites analyze cookies to create a digital profile of you and determine your location. Though it’s unfair, this information affects the price of your flights.

You’ve definitely encountered cookie consent pop-ups upon visiting web pages. But if you don’t know, cookies store your information that reveals online habits, interests, etc. Based on this data, flight sites deliberately raise prices, seeing your interest in them. If you prevent that from happening, one of the options is to clean browser cookies regularly and access such websites via incognito mode.

3. Flight comparison sites

Flight comparison sites are another nifty method for asserting economic elegance for your vacation. The most popular fare comparison websites include Thrifty Nomads, Skyscanner, Kiwi, CheapOair, Cheap Flight Finder, Momondo, and others. The core of this is to allow people to see the differences between prices, layover times or stops.

Basically, flight comparison platforms can assist you in selecting the most suitable airline route for your journey. Plus, you can use them to identify optimal days or timings to secure the most favorable offer. On certain websites, you have the option to complete your purchase directly. In contrast, on others, you will be redirected to the official airline website to finalize your transaction.

4. Error fares

Mistakes happen, even in the most carefully planned out situations, and the world of ticket pricing is no different. Ever heard of error fares? They’re like the hidden gems of cheap flight tickets. Sometimes booking sites and airlines goof up, which is a win. These websites offer dramatically low prices thanks to human blunders and tech glitches. But here’s the thing: these sweet deals have a shelf life and can vanish in the blink of an eye, or rather, a click of a mouse.

Hence, no time for dilly-dallying – you must pounce on these opportunities pronto. Plenty of verified websites like Secret Flying, Jack’s Flight Club, and Fly4Free have your back. They’re like your personal error fare detectives, always on the lookout for awesome deals. You just have to be vigilant and patient, so the next time you’re daydreaming about working from a beach in Bali, you’re all set!

5. Hidden city method

In a nutshell, the hidden city method means purchasing a longer flight with a layover and… cutting the trip in the middle. Sometimes, going all in for a direct flight might actually burn a hole in your pocket, whereas opting for a lengthier route with a stopover could save you some serious cash. Suppose you’re traveling from Boston to New Orleans. Grabbing a ticket that swings by Dallas on the way could save you up to 30%.

But here’s the tricky part: before you dive headfirst into this sneaky strategy, it’s wise to have a glance at the terms of service of these airlines. Most times, folks who accidentally miss their flights aren’t exactly punished, so you’re usually in the clear. Still, it’s always better to play it safe than end up in a “whoopsie daisy” situation.

Wrapping up

With flight prices gradually going up due to ongoing social geopolitics, economic drops, and spikes, going on a vacation hurts the wallet more and more. Luckily, there are several clever ways to go around the heavy prices and save up to 50%. The most reliable and straightforward means is changing location with a VPN. The scoop is to choose a cheap location like Malaysia or Sri Lanka and buy cheaper flight tickets there.

Other methods require vigilance and a little cunning, but they’re good ways to save a penny, too. The simplest one is cleaning your browser from cookies and surfing flight tickets via incognito mode. Meanwhile, comparison sites, error flights, and hidden city method are more demanding means since you have to be aware of policies and altogether vigilant to grab cheap prices while they don’t poof away before your eyes.