With its clear skies and beautiful weather, summer is the perfect season for tackling a wide variety of home projects. Whether you’re an experienced handyman or relative novice, there are numerous summer projects you can undertake with ease. While some summertime projects pertain exclusively to aesthetics, others stand to save you money and make life more convenient. Homeowners in the market for fun and constructive ways to spend their time this summer should consider the following projects.

Installing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a boon to your efforts to maintain a cool home during the summer months. In addition to being good for general airflow, dependable ceiling fans can effectively spread cool air throughout your home, thereby relieving your AC of some burden. Furthermore, when set to run counter-clockwise, ceiling fans can produce a refreshing cool-breeze effect, which is sure to please families looking to beat the heat. Ceiling fans can also come in handy during the overnight hours. If you live in an area with cool nighttime temperatures, simply crack some windows when the sun goes down and allow your fans to circulate the cool air.
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Repainting Your House and/or Garage

A fresh coat of paint can add flair to even the drabbest home and imbue even the oldest home with an air of newness. So, if the paint job on your house or garage is in need of an update, summer is the perfect season to wash off your rollers and brushes and get to work. If you have little or no experience painting houses, seek out informative online tutorials. Alternatively, if you don’t think you’re up to the task, considering enlisting the services of professional painters.

Setting up a Backyard Play Area

Due to the worsening threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents have found themselves in need of safe summer play options for small children. Since going to public places is currently less-than-safe, providing kids with fun things to do at home is the best possible alternative. This is where backyard play areas enter the equation. Setting up a swing set, slide, playhouse, sandbox or any combination thereof will provide your little ones with hours of outdoor summertime fun. The fact that they can’t go to the playground doesn’t mean you can’t bring the playground to them. Backyard play areas are the perfect solution for parents who want their children to get fresh air without placing their health at risk.

Installing an Awning

Summer is the perfect season for relaxing outdoors. However, whether you’re enjoying a family dinner on the patio or settling in for a leisurely sit-down on the porch, the blisteringly hot summertime sun can prove detrimental to your good times. Sure, spending time outside can be refreshing, but unrelenting heat and damaging UV rays can make outdoor leisure an unappealing prospect. If you’re keen on the outdoors but want to keep sun exposure to a minimum, installing a UV-resistant awning should be a worthwhile project. A dependable awning can provide you and your family with a convenient outdoor oasis from extreme temperatures, enabling you to relax in style and comfort.

Investing in an Above-Ground Pool

Swimming is a quintessential summer pastime. Unfortunately, with the novel coronavirus raging on, public pools are not a safe option for cooling off. Anyone in the market for a cost-effective alternative should consider investing in a high-quality above-ground pool. Above-ground pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and are considerably more affordable than their in-ground contemporaries. If your pool budget is extremely sparse, consider looking into inflatable above-ground pools. While they may not be as resilient as hard-framed models, they’re very easy to set up, disassemble and store.

There’s no time like summer for tackling home projects that have been placed on the backburner. Whether you’re looking to undertake large-scale repairs or make small aesthetic flourishes to your home, summer is the season to get the ball rolling. Anyone looking to spend their summer leisure time in an enjoyable and constructive manner may find success with the projects discussed above.