There are many crafts that require precision, and shaking hands should be avoided. From fatigue or uncomfortable positions, you can make mistakes, which is very serious! A folding wearable chair can help you to avoid all these situations. The main application is for the manufacturing companies, where workers are required to stand for long period of time and traditional sitting methods are not suitable, representing and obstacles in the work area. Avoid lower  back pain with a folding wearable chair. All you need is a wearable leg support that locks when you assume a sitting position, and unlocks when you stand up.

  1. Your always on posture coach


2. Sit with a perfect posture

3. Putting on the future

4. Reduce Shoulder Injury and Back Pain

5. Comfort anywhere and anytime

6. Truly Wearable

#3 Types of wearable chairs that let you sit anywhere

1. Chairless chair: Lex wearable chair to sit anywhere

Chairless chair’ – ‘Lex wearable chair’: You must have different types of designer and beautiful chairs at your home. No doubt, they are very good and comfortable. But one thing with those chairs is that you cannot take them with you wherever you want.

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Let’s say that you are walking on the road to go somewhere and want to sit down. Imagine if anytime, anywhere you felt a little fatigued in the legs you could simply lean back and take a load off?  Will you sit on the road? Obviously not. Lex wearable chairless chair is a pair of wearable folding exoskeleton legs which can transform into an ultra-versatile portable seat.

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This wearable chair lets you take a load off without sitting. The pressure is distributed over the shin and thigh reducing muscle fatigue. The designers think that the system would be ideal for doctors, photographers or other persons who stand for hours.

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2. Noonee Chairless Chair

Creating an ergonomic, comfortable, and even more productive workplace without extensive changes at the workplace – thanks to the Chairless Chair, this is now possible.The Chairless Chair by Noonee is a rigid brace that can be activated at any time to lock into place, turning the exoskeleton into a chair.  The Chairless Chair allows you to effortlessly switch between an active sitting, standing, and walking position. You’ll never be uncomfortable while waiting for grail items ever again.

3. Archelis, The Wearable Chair

in 2017, Yokohama-based manufacturer Nitto’s wearable chair, the Archelis, is designed to help surgeons through long hours of surgery. For all those times you’ve wished you could just take a seat, I somehow doubt that this involved wearing your seat on your body. But hey, what do I know — I’m not a surgeon, restaurant industry professional, or anyone else who is forced to stay on their feet for hours at a time.

Maybe if I were, the wearable chair would seem like a better idea to me. The innovative chair not only minimizes the fatigue but also supports the main pressure points of heels, thighs and front portion of the calves. What a great invention! Archelis, wearable chair lets you sit and relax anywhere, anytime!