Installing permanent security equipment is not always convenient or feasible for renters. Whether a renter lives in an apartment, a single-family home, or condo, finding the best security system to keep your family and belonging safe is not easy. Security systems for apartments may include motion detectors, alarm, cameras, and a 24/7 monitoring service.

Unfortunately, many companies provide home security plans that require clients to sign contracts of between one and five years. Signing such contracts is not a good option for renters because they are not sure whether they will live in the same apartments for that time. Nevertheless, some providers of home security systems have terms that suit renters.

To find the best security system for renters, it’s essential to compare the alarm system, features, technology, monitoring plans, price, and features. This article also includes renter-friendly security systems. That means they are portable and wireless with reasonable terms. Most of these security companies offer professional and DIY installation. If you are looking for the best security system for renters, here’s a guide you might find helpful.

Good System for Smart Home Integration

Renters need security systems that are easy to integrate with their smart homes. Protect America provides a popular, renters-friendly package when it comes to smart home integration. The Silver Plan features nine window and door sensors, 24/7 burglary monitoring, and motion detection. This equipment is 100% wireless, and it’s easy to install. What’s more, customers get a lifetime warranty.

The contract lasts for 36 months, and it has a DIY installation. Protect America’s system can be connected via broadband, cellular, or landline options. This makes it more accessible. On the downside, you will have to pay an extra monthly fee of $9.99 for video monitoring because it’s not a standard for any plan.

Good for the Contract Terms

Protect Your Home has friendly contract terms when it comes to a security system for renters. It uses ADT-monitored home security systems and equipment. This gives customers a vast selection of modern security equipment to select from. They include video surveillance and security cameras. With the ADT Pulse feature, a customer gets mobile access to disarm and arm their system. They can also check important signals remotely on their smartphones. Trained professionals man the monitoring center 24/7.

The pros of this option for renters include a special package for cord-cutter and 6-month money-back guarantee. The drawbacks include a professional installation fee of $99 and a cancellation fee that applies if the service is terminated before the contract period of 36 months end.

Good No-Contract Security System

When it comes to a security system with no contract, Vivint Security is an ideal option for renters. This company offers several customizable packages that enable customers to identify the ideal plans depending on their needs. Additionally, customers get free consultations to ensure that they get the right security system. The company offers professional installation. This ensures that the installation job is done correctly.

The major pros of the Vivint packages include Smart Locks for locking doors. With this option, a homeowner can lock even the garage door remotely using an app. The cons of this option include a 100% contract payment if a customer opts to cancel the contract early.

Vivint contract lasts for 48 or 60 months. However, the company offers a month-to-month option for customers that purchase the equipment upfront. It also requires professional installation, and customers pay a fee of $39.99 per month.

Good Starter System

Most renters need a starter system before they commit to a long-term package. Blue by ADT offers a package that includes crash and smash-protection, as well as carbon dioxide and fire protection. It also comes with a free mobile application and wireless security tablet. Customers can choose from professional monitoring and self-monitoring plans.

With a Secure system package, a customer pays $45.99 per month. This is a reasonably priced starter package. However, a customer can upgrade the starter package to a Complete Package at an additional cost of $12 per month. This includes Wi-Fi video surveillance that provides storage for 30 days.

The major pros of Blue by ADT include pet-smart motion detection. This eliminates false alarms that irritate most apartment renters. On the downside, customers are required to give a written cancellation notice of cancellation. Blue by ADT contract lasts for 24 or 36 months. However, customers have a month-to-month option if they purchase the equipment upfront.

The price starts at $29.99 per month, and installation can be done professionally or on a DIY basis.

Good Value

Link Interactive is an ideal option when it comes to getting value for the money spent on a security system for renters. It provides fully customizable security systems that are delivered straight to the doors of customers. What’s more, a customer gets 30-day money-back guarantee. This enables them to know what they are investing in before they make a full commitment.

The major pro of the Link Interactive system for renters is that it provides a 100% cellular and wireless system. This makes real-time remote access, as well as text and email alert possible to get. On the downside, customers must pay 75% of the contract’s rest in case of cancellation.

The security system comes with a contract period of 36 months, and the starting price is $30.99 per month.

The Bottom Line

When living in a rental apartment, home, or condo, a wireless alarm system that you can install without professional assistance is your best option. Such a system is easy to move with just in case you decide to leave your current rental home. What’s more, you will most likely not damage walls in the living space while installing the security system. Additionally, look for a security system that offers a short-term or a monthly contract. Alternatively, settle for a system that allows you to terminate the contract with ease. That way, you can avoid being locked into paying for a home security system where you do not live.