Are you an egg lover? Oh, eggs, let us count the ways we love you: You’re high in belly-filling protein (6 grams in 1 large), you’re delicious enough to be eaten at any meal, and you’re a good source of vitamins and minerals that promote eye health, curb anxiety, boost memory, and more. Eggs are probably one of the most versatile and inexpensive foods on the planet; they’re impossibly cheap to get, and there are about a million ways to make them. But odds are that you still don’t know how to make them the way you want, or if you do, the method isn’t fast. Enjoy our article about 9 Easter egg holder that can be used for all seasons & 9 innovative gadgets to cooked them better.

After you designed your chicken coop, you have to deal with the eggs. Nothing easier! Order an egg holder right now and discover the perfect way to display and store your eggs keep them easy to hand. With these egg holders presented in this article, you can keep eggs in order, at room temperature and proudly on display. Select the fresh eggs from the bottom of the roller!

Country Rustic Black Chicken Wire 36 Eggs Display Tray and Storage Basket

Keep eggs at the ready with this chicken wire design storage tray. With an upper tray that holds up to 36 eggs and a secondary lower basket for other kitchen items, this is the perfect space saver for your kitchen countertop. Never have your eggs scattered or in danger of being broken again. Place this tray and basket combination in your kitchen to not only display your eggs with charm but also keep them safe and easy to dispense.


Vintage Style Metal 25 Egg Holder Display Tray

Most people keep their eggs in the fridge, but for best cooking results, some chefs recommend storing your farm fresh eggs at room temperature. This unique 2 shelved egg storage rack and display stand adds a vintage style to egg storage or at any event. Perfect for buffets, luncheons or weddings as a main centerpiece to hold hard-boiled eggs, deviled eggs or to store new eggs. Its exquisite metal decorative floral cut-out design and galvanized finish gives this egg stand an antique persona adding flare to any table or countertop. 2-tiered egg storage holds up to 25 eggs, top rack holds 10 eggs and the bottom rack holds 15 eggs. Keep your eggs in order or on display in one easy to access place with this sturdy metal egg display rack.



Black Metal Mesh Wire Egg Storage Basket with White Ceramic Farm Chicken Top and Handles

Keep your staying farm fresh on your counter or tabletop with this chicken and egg storage basket. The lid features an adorable white ceramic hen, perched atop a round metal chicken wire basket with a black powder-coat finish. Two handles have been adorned on the basket to allow you to carry this egg holder with ease. A perfect addition to any farmhouse style decor, for extra storage or for gathering eggs.


Black Metal Wire Egg Basket

Displaying your farm fresh eggs couldn’t be more charming in this eye-catching countertop egg rack and basket. The sturdy metal wire structure features a central pole around which 10 round metal wire egg holders. The bottom of the rack features a basket that can be filled with more fresh eggs or any small decor you would like. Use this rack to keep fresh eggs neatly displayed on your kitchen countertop, or fill it with decorated eggs to create a memorable centerpiece for your Easter celebrations.

Cast Iron Vintage Style 6 Egg Holder Tray

Bring a Victorian style to your kitchen with this ornate vintage style design cast iron egg tray holder. This beautifully intricate display rack stores up to half a dozen eggs on your table or counter top. Scroll work handles allow for easy transportation. This rustic storage and display egg holder is made of cast iron, making it durable while giving it that vintage flare. The decorative egg tray lets you to store your eggs safely at room temperature and allows for easy accessibility. So add charm and elegance to you already wonderful kitchen with this elaborate antique style egg tray holder with scroll work design.

Ware Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Basket allows you to collect and display eggs with country charmBasket is a rooster shape with wings that fold to form sturdy handle



Decorative Kitchen Storage Baskets

A perfect storage solution with a classic farmhouse style home feel, this country rustic decor makes an adorable accent for your kitchen, dining room or anywhere in your home. The sturdy metal with a classic black finish that makes up this decorative basket is shaped to look like a chicken with an openwork design. The functional and decorative basket is the perfect blend of country-style charm and modern elegance that will be a wonderful addition to any living space. The “wings” of the chicken can be lifted up and be used as a handle for easy transporting of the basket. Store and display eggs, fruit, and other items in a charming style.


Large 12 Cup Spiral Egg Holder

Did you know that you don’t need to keep eggs in the ‘fridge? A cool area of the kitchen can be enhanced by this stylish, attractive holder. Purchased eggs have their date stamped on them, so you can easily see which egg to use (or eat) first. Eggcellent!



Wall-Mounted Black Metal Wire Farm Egg Rack – Holds up to 12 Fresh Eggs

A little bit kitschy yet full of country charm, as well as practicality for omelet on breakfasts or those with farm-fresh eggs kept outside of the refrigerator, this wall-mounted black metal egg rack can keep eggs close at hand for cooking or baking. With room for a dozen eggs, this convenient egg holder can be placed strategically next to a food preparation area in the home or commercial kitchen to keep breakfasts and brunches running smoothly. In the home, this unusual kitchen gadget also serves as a quirky decor piece expressing rustic or culinary inclinations to visitors.

9 innovative egg gadgets that will cut down on the time it takes to make breakfast

These ridiculously cool kitchen tools make prepping eggs fun and easy.

Egg Timer

Do you find making hard-boiled eggs tricky? Nobody seems to get the exact time right but if you have the ColorShift Egg Timer, you won’t have to keep guessing if your eggs are done or not. The ColorShfit Egg Timer requires no installation. It doesn’t even require batteries. Just drop it in a pot of water along with your eggs and it will automatically change color.

The color indicates whether your eggs are ready in soft, medium, or hard-boiled state. Have your eggs cooked just the way you like it without undercooking or over cooking! This egg timer is food-grade safe and won’t affect the taste of eggs. When you have other things to keep in mind, eliminate the menial task of having to guard your eggs cooking on the stove. The ColorShift Egg Timer is one of the best kitchen partners you’ll have. Get the perfect eggs every time with this awesome egg timer. Buy yours today!

Egg slicer

This perfectly compact 3 in 1 egg slicer cuts eggs into thin oval slices or thick wedges and is great for restaurant and home use. Designed with stainless steel wires, die cast zinc alloy cutting frames and a nylon and silicone base.

Easiest Way to Separate Egg Whites and Yoke

This Egg Separator help those who cook with eggs to separate the yolk from the egg white in seconds, it is a fantastic utensil and good kitchen assistant for cooking and baking lovers. What’s more, it is made of food-grade silicone, BPA free.

Different Shapes Stainless Steel Fried Egg Molds

Perfect for side up eggs, scrambled eggs, egg whites, pancakes, crumpets, omelets and more. Here is a sun with clouds made from an egg.

Silicone Egg Separator

Yolk Out, the clean, easy way to separate eggs. Here’s how it works: The soft, ergonomic silicone bulb sucks up the entire yolk, leaving the egg white behind in the bowl. You then simply expel the yolk intact and go back for more yolks. The Yolk Out is indispensable for soufflés, cakes, meringues, egg-white omelets, and more. It is BPA Free, food safe and dishwasher safe.

Egg Shell Cutters Scissors Small Quail Egg Cracker Opener Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Blade Tool

The perfect tool for working with quail and other small eggs. This cutter whips the top off them (uncooked) and you can use them in baking without struggling.

These scissors allow us to open them for frying or scrambling and for use in baking and recipes. Very seldom do we get even a tiny piece of shell in the egg.

Emson EZCracker Handheld Egg Cracker/Separator

EZ Cracker egg cracker and separator is the perfect way to cook with eggs at just the touch of a button. The simple design allows you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food. Special included FREE BONUS attachment makes separating egg yolks and whites just as easy. Strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds. No more spills. Plastic.

Soft Eggs Separator Tool

The soft-boiled egg lover’s set: an egg topper that uses vibration to cleanly score the shell of a soft boiled egg, two egg cups, and two perfectly shaped egg spoons. We know cracking your eggs can be messy, so our topper features a sharp blade to help ensure precise scoring. Complete your perfect soft boiled egg breakfast with some toast points, minced greens, and a shot of fresh cracked pepper.

Deviled Egg Platter

Deviled eggs are a classic delicious treat, but making them can be a pain, let alone transporting them. Unless of course you have the deviled egg tray with snap on lids by chef buddy. Don’t let hours of work go down the drain by improperly transporting your carefully crafted deviled eggs. Use the deviled egg trays by chef buddy to safely and securely deliver and display your masterpiece to its final location.