Wondering what Dubai neighborhood is the best for purchasing an investment property? We’ve outlined the locations, which are the most sought-after among renters.

Downtown Dubai

This is the most modern area of the city. There are many high-end shops, cafes, and restaurants, making this area the most suitable for lovers of expensive entertainment.
According to tourists, Downtown Dubai is not just a district, but a large-scale complex. It contains the main attractions of the city, including the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It has 163 floors.
There are offices of various companies and a hotel on the lower floors. Residential apartments occupy floors 40 through 108. The upper floors have office premises.
This skyscraper is a mini-city: it has several libraries, fitness centers, a large number of restaurants, boutiques, shops, supermarkets and various clubs.
And there is a huge shopping center as well – the Dubai Mall. It is unofficially considered the largest shopping center in the entire region.
Another attraction is the Dubai Fountains, the world’s largest musical fountain system.
The average rent in this area is:
● $250 daily
● $1,750 weekly
● $7,000 monthly


This is an elite suburban area. Here you can find both expensive boutiques and picturesque parks. This place is especially popular with tourists: it has a state-of-the-art infrastructure for entertainment and recreation.
There is a small zoo where you can see the rarest representatives of the fauna in Jumeirah. In the future, the city’s authorities plan to transform it into a safari park to give the animals more freedom.
The average rent in this area is:
● $100 daily
● $700 weekly
● $2,800 monthly


This is not the most comfortable area to live. First of all, it is the shopping center of the emirate. A huge number of supermarkets, shops and markets are concentrated here.
There are no attractions other than world-famous markets. Almost 90% of the population is from Asia and Iran. According to travelers, they are not the friendliest neighbors.
The cost of a taxi ride here is higher than in other areas.
The average rent here is:
● $85 daily
● $595 weekly
● $2,380 monthly

Al Barsha

This is a new, modern area of the city, which is still under construction. So far in 2021, 75% of the district has been completed. Residential buildings here are new, comfortable and very beautiful. This is the most preferred area for buying apartments in the UAE for foreigners.
This territory is not attractive to tourists, since there are very few entertainment facilities.
However, it is home to the Mall of the Emirates. One of Dubai’s top attractions, it is truly a must-visit place.
The average rent in this area is:
● $150 daily
● $600 weekly
● $2,400 monthly

Jumeirah Beach Residence

It is a small but elite area. The choice of housing to buy here is quite extensive. You can find a budget apartment or house.
The famous JBR beach is located in this sector. It is considered the best beach in the region. According to tourists, if this beach was located in Europe, it would definitely receive the Blue Flag status.
Transport accessibility in the area is very good: the metro can be reached from anywhere in just under 20 minutes.
The infrastructure here is represented by hotels, restaurants, shops and shopping centers, cinemas and playgrounds.
The average rent is:
● $155 daily
● $1,085 weekly
● $4,340 monthly
If you want to know more about other Dubai districts which could be a good choice to buy investment properties, visit Emirates.Estate portal.