Moving away from parents is an important step which is always scary to take. College can be tough with all these lectures, never-ending assignments, complex projects, and tight deadlines, and if earlier you could always go home and receive some support from your family, now you have to cope with all the stress alone. Even though you can always find student-helping services online and send a message «I need help on my math homework» to get it done, it will not make you less homesick while decorating your dorm room will.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money: on the opposite, even small changes and handmade things can transform your dorm room completely. In this guide, we offer some practical advice on how to decorate your room and make it look stylish and homie.

Top ideas for your dorm room new style

Dorm rooms are usually not the most appealing places: old small windows, gloomy brown walls, and aging carpets do not make you feel like home. No panic here: with some time and effort, you can quickly transform this place into a cozy and light living space where you can spend your days and nights with maximum comfort. All you have to do is to turn on your creative side or get inspired by some ideas we have presented in this guide:

Choose colors

Do you want your room to be bright, or should it be in calm nude tones? Before choosing a final color, we recommend coordinating with your roomie because you both will be living there (and besides, you can share costs for painting). Just one color change and your room will become lighter, bigger and cozier at the same time;

Remove old furniture


If the college administration agrees, get an old wardrobe, desk, and other stuff out and replace it with your things. We don`t mean you should throw it out: just put somewhere on storage and bring it back when you graduate. Old furniture always makes a bad impression, so taking your good old bed and chairs from your parents` house will fix it;

Get a carpet

You can buy a small nice welcoming rug to put in front the door but also invest in some fluffy carpet that will warm your legs on the floor. Choose something not expensive but in the same color palette as your walls (again, talk to your roomie about it);

Clean space

You can place storage baskets all over the room to keep your stuff or hide some of the things you don’t use under the bed. Shelves from natural materials will also work here, thus saving you more space for activities and bringing your personal things in order. Try to use a desk organizer to separate your things from your roommate`s stuff;

Use a pinboard

Are you missing home? Print some pictures of your family and friends and pin them on your board. You can also use it for reminders and important notes you need to have in front of your eyes all the time;

Linen and pillows

Buy some good linen in the colors you like and complement it with a few bright pillows you can put on your bed. It will work as great décor;

Change lighting

The overall atmosphere of the room will change completely if you work on lights. You can use a light with a warmer temperature or decorate your room with the garland that will make it much cozier and create the right mood;

Curtains and plants

Did you know that good curtains can become a great element of décor? Choose curtains that will complement the overall color palette and will keep sunlight from going in. Besides, a few nice plants will make the air fresh and good-looking;

Wall art

Use some prints that you like most of all on your fresh-painted walls. You can also put there posters of your favorite singers and groups or just family pictures.