This a such a well made, modern looking, beautiful chair that also happens to work very well as a massaging chair! It was in perfect condition when it arrived! Very easy to put together with perfect instructions. Absolutely love it! The ottoman can be an extra seat for guests too when needed. First time owning a massage chair… To be honest I bought this one mainly because it looked really cool. The best part about this chair is that it functions even better than it looks. Amazing massage!! Buy now!

I bought this for use as an office chair. It’s heated, which is fantastic in the winter. It’s wide enough that you can fold your legs on the chair. The bum massager is an airbag that inflated and squeezes your hips. This is weird at first, but if you’re at your computer all day, it really gets rid of the muscle tension in your hips. One thing my wife found a little uncomfortable was the pillow that goes over the neck messager. It is a little stiff and causes your head to lean forward. She removed the inner foam, and replaced it is a memory foam pillow and that fixed the issue. Softened the experience. Maybe the designers of the chair should consider a memory foam pillow instead of a foam one.

Let’s talk about the shiatsu massage! OMG! It’s heaven! It has a separate set for your neck and back. The neck massage is worth it alone. It really gets in there and massages your tensions away. I put my phone on mute and turn on the neck massager during conferences. When you’re done, there’s a nice pillow to cover up the massagers.
The back massagers are great. My one complaint is that they don’t fully retract, so I use the neck pillow as a lumbar pillow to cover them up when I’m working.
The style of the chair can’t be beat. Most massage chairs look like an exoskeleton. This looks straight out of Design Within Reach. Happy massaging! Buy now!

I bought this massage chair after a lot of research. I wanted something that would look nice and function as a regular chair as well. The rolling/kneading back and neck massage plus seperate heat was very important to me. The price seemed good for that kind of deep massage and style. The ottoman also helps you totally relax. It was a bit scary to order something with no reviews and I couldn’t find much outside of Amazon. Since it was prime I went for it and I’m very happy I did. My husband absolutely loves it. Best Christmas gift ever for his bad back. The whole family is enjoying it too. I actually want another one for the family room now. In the picture for perspective my husband is 6ft,190 pounds. I would say up to 250 and 6’2 is an accurate maximum. The neck rollers can be adjusted up/down for height accuracy. I will post more pictures later. I bought the yellow color and it’s beautiful. Bought this for my teenage son. He loves it. Especially after playing spots.

The N-0001 Modern – Where Massage Meets Beauty

Staring your desk at the start of a long day, or coming home after a long shift can feel even longer without meaningful seating. Time and comfort blur into the same burden. So, standing behind your NOUHAUS chair is a caring, full service inhaus team. Each team includes no less than a full time Creative Designer, Architect, Posturologist, and Engineer. And when you consider the Precision Mechanics, Ergonomic Shape, and Mid Century Design on the N-0001, you can agree this cohesive team working together is crucial. Costly, unknown outsourcing is not an option.
When it comes to the massage chair, most of them are quite an eyesore. Some of them look like dentist chairs, while others resemble one man spacecraft or an exo-skeleton. And while most massage chairs feel amazing, the bulky style and strange design is a smudge on your home décor. You only use it for half an hour a day, and the rest of the time it sits there as a hefty eyesore. Buy now!

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