Known for their increased functionality, the farmhouse kitchen sinks have become really trendy over the past decades. One reason they gained so much popularity is the generous basin. You can put plenty of dishes in with no worry. There is enough room for plates, glasses, pans and pots all together. Secondly, the countryside nostalgia. Recalling a calm, steady past, these farmhouse kitchen sinks bring warmth inside. It is almost impossible to get sight of it and not imagine you’ve been invited to dinner with some welfare, jovial farmers. Moreover, they bear a unique charm. Nowadays, farmhouse kitchen sinks represent design statemnets too.

Explore our gallery of farmhouse kitchen sinks below:

They come in different materials which differ in durability, strength and look. The most common materials you will come across are:


Fireclay sinks are a classic, shiny, white that will complement any traditional or modern kitchen due to its universal appeal. The ceramic glaze is glossy, smooth to the touch, and easy to wipe clean. Buy from here

Cast iron

The multi-purpose basin for basements, garages, workshops, gardens and lofts. With colored edge protection and high-drawn, integrated back splash. Buy from here

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1 Kohler K-23725-NA Cast Iron Cleaner Kohler K-23725-NA Cast Iron Cleaner No ratings yet


While the sink will never look the same as the day you installed it, it will always be a striking centerpiece in your room that you will use heavily. It’s a very unique looking and beautiful material, but it’s also a very strong and resilient metal. The patina helps protect the sink from corrosion, so you’ll never have to worry about rust or brittleness of the metal. Because of this, maintenance is very simple: just keep your sink clean.

What To Expect With Copper

Copper has a living finish that changes and evolves with how you use it. It’s what makes copper beautiful and raw. The living finish is called the patina, and it’s a natural protective coating that ensures copper won’t corrode. The patina of your copper sink will always change. Certain acidic foods or chemicals will strip it off, and time will bring it back. It will go from light to dark, from extreme to subtle, but one thing’s for sure: it will always be changing.

Here are a few tips for maintenance of your copper sink:

– Clean after use with warm water, a gentle dish soap, and a soft cloth.

– Avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals.

– Clear out food debris to prevent temporary discoloration.

– Apply Sinkology Copper Armor regularly to protect and shine your copper sink’s finish.

– As with any surface that comes in contact with food, avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals. Buy from here

Ruvati 33 x 20 inch Fireclay Reversible Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink Single Bowl – White – RVL2300WH

Really cool that you can use either the flat side of the sink or the fluted side. We chose the fluted side. It fits perfectly & looks beautiful! Also this was a great price for a farmhouse sink of this size & quality.

Mayfair SW1 30 Inch Kitchen Farmhouse Sink – Fireclay. White.

This fire clay sink is beautiful and well made.

KRAUS 33” Bellucci Apron Workstation Kitchen Sink Farmhouse Single Bowl with Cutting Board in White

Handcrafted in Italy, the Bellucci Series exemplifies a stunning union of advanced engineering and sleek modern style. Bring your kitchen to life with flat apron-front farmhouse sinks made from CeramTek. This is a granite quartz composite material that captivates with vivid, fade-resistant color. Combining the best of nature and technology, the material features a hydro-repellent surface that allows water to bead up and roll off, ensuring that your sink drains completely and stays dry after use. The ultra-smooth surface is enhanced with ceramic nanotechnology, offering a new tactile experience and extreme durability to impact, scratches, and stains.

The sink is colored all the way through, with UV protection for a rich and consistent hue that will not fade or discolor over time. An integrated workstation ledge provides a platform for accessories that slide across the sink, so you can work without losing any space on the kitchen counter. To help you optimize your workspace, a premium composite cutting board with unique modern design is included with purchase. I like this kitchen drain. I chose it because it was plastic, since the metal one I replaced it with, I had to cut off. When not in use the cap looks nice.

Venezia 33 Inch Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Grid

This Farmhouse Sink Collection is crafted in Italy using advanced technologies and manually refined with skillful craftsmanship, MOCCOA creates products of unique beauty and quality made to last a lifetime. The Venezia Farmhouse Sink is made of Authentic Fireclay that has a unique design and excellent quality. Ideal for residential and heavy duty commercial use. Apron Sink Venezia offers a complete package, from sound insulation to installation convenience. This fireclay sink goes with any type of kitchen design and style because of its versatile design. Has protective undercoating to prevent dampening of kitchen cabinets or walls and condensation. Safe to use most types of cleaning chemicals on the sink. Great value for your money with useful accessories, seamless exterior, and overall sturdy construction.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Protective Bottom Grid

This sink is so pretty! I love how it turned out in our kitchen. The sink came in a large box, it was about 200 lbs. My father in law installed the sink. He had to place support beams on each side of the sink and from the bottom of the cabinet to the top of the sink, because it is so large and heavy. I will give an updated review in a few months after I use it more often.
Bocchi Fireclay Sinks are 100% natural… Fireclay is a 100% natural, mineral based material used by craftsmen for centuries to create sinks with timeless elegance and unbeatable strength.

Deeper than the average ceramic sink…Due to their unique makeup and manufacturing process, fireclay sinks can reach depths of up to 10 inches– nearly double that of the average ceramic sink.

Thanks to fireclay, a wide-range of variety is possible… Available in 9 different colors, apron-front or undermount, single or double bowl with various widths and shapes. Find your perfect match from Bocchi USA’s more than 200 variations.

Absolutely worth every penny. This is a gorgeous farmhouse sink and drains wonderfully. Perfect size, too. Any bigger would be wayyyy too big. We also wash our 6 month old in it!! Very happy.

Ledge Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen Sink

First I will tell you that I have never received an item from amazon or anywhere for that matter that was packaged like this sink was. It was a outer box, with an inner box, protected by thick Styrofoam and covered with a custom Ruvati bag. Everything in it was also packaged so well. I felt like I paid $1000 for this at the way it was packaged.

Installation instruction seemed clear, but I left the way the sink would be installed to my cabinet builder. As you can see in the attached photos the way he built the sink support. I did have to modify it a bit to be able to get the drain lines and water lines installed, but again this was nothing on Ruvati on why this was done. Love all the extras it came with too. We have used the strainer for many diffrent things, including draining noodles, defrosting meat, etc. The cutting board is very nice and love how you can cut right over your sink to be able to put the waste down the garbage disposal.

MR Direct 413 Fireclay Double Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Fireclay sinks are a classic, shiny, white that will complement any traditional or modern kitchen due to its universal appeal. The ceramic glaze is glossy, smooth to the touch, and easy to wipe clean.

Extension of front panel on this sink will definitely add a stylish look to your kitchen. These Fireclay sinks are molded from a mixture of clay and other minerals, then glazed and fired in a kiln around 2,000°F. The result is a glossy, durable ceramic, which is denser and stronger than porcelain. Its non-porous glaze will not absorb odors or stains, it will not scratch, and it is practically impervious to cracks and chips.

Stria AUTHENTIC FIRECLAY 30″ Apron Front Sink by MOCCOA

This sink is 5 stars! We replaced an old stainless steel sink that was so hard to make it look shiny and clean! This sink is very attractive and easy to clean. The apron front adds a designer detail to our kitchen that I just love! The sink is well made and of high quality. We chose this farmhouse sink because it is 40% thicker than other sinks and has a limited Lifetime Warranty. It was shipped in a sturdy box with packaging that kept it from being damaged during shipping. My husband, who is a builder, had no problem installing the apron sink with a garbage disposal. In a few hours we were enjoying this lovely sink in our kitchen. We get compliments on our sink from everyone who enters the kitchen! Highly recommend! Love the sink and the quality, it’s Beautiful! Thank you for fast shipping too.

Workstation Kitchen Sink Farmhouse Single Bowl with Cutting Board in White

A stunning union of time-tested craftsmanship and high-end style. WORKSTATION FARMHOUSE SINK made with CeramTek – An advanced granite quartz composite material enhanced with Nanotechnology for superior durability and resistance to impact and thermal shock. HIGHLY HEAT-RESISTANT up to 650 F, withstands extreme hot or cold fluctuations. NATURALLY QUIET – Thick stone-like material absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when sink is in use.

The integrated ledge conveniently transforms you sink into a full service workstation. Make the most of your sink with a wide range of Kraus exclusive accessories such as our premium cutting board (included), serving bowls, and roll up dish drying rack

Oversized farmhouse sink with rear off-set drain and tightly rounded corners creates an uninterrupted workspace perfect for washing your largest cookware, like stockpots and baking sheets. This installation requires plumbers putty or a rubber washer to be placed between the top of the sink and the strainer.

Workstation Ledge Tight Radius Undermount 16 Gauge Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Love the sink. Typical of this style sink, it is hard to clean when you have the wire rack in the bottom but I knew that going in. Perfect for my needs. It doesn’t quite drain as well as I would wish for, we still love it. The look is beautiful and we love the accessories. All and all, the sink’s size and accessories such as the cutting board, strainer and drying rack are an added benefit but the sink could use some design improvements. Overall, good value.