Switzerland and its natural scenery are beyond expectations. We’ve looked for the highest peaks and the most incredible views to make a selection of goodies for this summer. From frosty mountain perspectives to cozy panoramas on the lake shore, these incredible terraces are the places to be during our leisure times. Moreover, they represent an opportunity to socialise and establish new connections. Explore our gallery and book your stay for the coming vacation!

Chetzeron and Its Beautiful Terraces, Crans-Montana (VS)

At 2112 meters, it overlooks the Rhone valley and the beautiful alpine summits. Located within the Crans-Montana ski area, live the real ski-in ski-out experience as the former car station was transformed into a unique hotel, now known as Chetzeron. All up there at an altitude of 2112 m, only a few jackdaws crack the sky with an indolent blue. Completely revitalized, the former gondola station has turned into a sublime hotel. You will enjoy a harmonious mix of wood paneling, concrete structures, volumes of natural stone and large windows. Just can we let go an “oh” of admiration before the masterful glance offered on the plain of the Rhone. Also, the alpine peaks, including the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

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The hotel has 16 rooms with three different categories. All rooms feature a view over the spectacular scenery and slopes. As the sun sets, you will feel a moment of sheer tranquillity. In summer, the cowbells are the only ones that break the peaceful sound of nature.

Auberge de la Gare, Grandvaux (VD)

Here, there is little more than the rhythmic passage of trains below, to remind you that time has not stopped. It is at the Auberge de la Gare, everything is together to get out of the train. Covered with an opulent vine pergola, the terrace is an invitation to laze. From this promontory, the mirettes widen facing the vineyards of Lavaux, Lake Geneva and the Alps. For children, the real attraction is in the corners of the terrace, where a few toy crates and adorable bunnies are waiting for them to cuddle and feed. Enthusiastic staff and uncomplicated regional cuisine complete the feeling of fullness that invades the guests without warning.


The Pint of the Old Manoir, Murten (FR)

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir is a quaint and charming restaurant that specialises in seasonal dishes prepared with a modern twist. Not far from Murten, it is an intimate and charming lakeside property that boasts an enchanting outdoor garden. The perfect place to enjoy the ever-changing picturesque sunsets with one of their refreshing cocktails. In the winter, the warm and welcoming ambiance of the restaurant, combined with a stylish interior decor and seasonal menus will have you coming back for more.

Separated from the lake by a mellow lawn that makes you want to roll, the terrace of this picturesque building is lounging in the middle of a garden of plenty, in the shade of venerable trees. In these places, charm of yesteryear and exoticism are combined, so that one is inevitably out of place. The children will beg you to take them frolicking on the pontoon that ventures into the reeds teeming with life …The concept of “Herbs and Garden” stretches from the modern, light cuisine through to the refreshed, relaxed atmosphere. We spice our dishes with fresh herbs picked directly from our garden as we believe in producing as much as possible in-house. The earthy colors of green, yellow and gray can be seen throughout the restaurant, in the rustic fabrics, on the lush plants and in the interior design which create a cozy living room atmosphere. There are even books for reading!


Golf Resort La Gruyere, Pont-la-Ville (FR)

Friends of contemplation, welcome to the club! At the Golf Resort La Gruyère , the aptly named restaurant La Terrasse embraces a postcard landscape : there is of course the green that would make the green Erin blush, but also the greenery of the hilly pastures, the turquoise blue lake lined with its island picturesque and waving gracefully on the horizon, the peaks of the Friborg Pre-Alps . To see until the drunkenness!


The Baron Tavernier Hotel, Restaurant & Spa

Reflecting the vastness of Lake Geneva, Baron Tavernier’s summer terrace is set in the heart of the Lavaux vineyards. Even if the place is on the rise and prices are off, it’s hard not to bite the bunch. From October to May, you can sit in the main building and then, in fine weather, you migrate to the restaurant Le Deck, directly overlooking the lake. As long as we do not stay planted like a vine in front of this life-sized painting, we discover a chic and cozy atmosphere, a guarantee of relaxation in VIP mode.

At the Berges d’Estaillères, La Brévine (NE)

A boat bow as entry, a boss from Montpellier to the bar – to the banter all Marseilles and who preaches the politeness – and, in the plate, products of the sea and the mountains that allure to whom better the guests … This atypical address is a breath of mistral on the small Siberia. Highlight of the show: the bucolic Lake Taillères, an expanse of oil that masterfully reflects the moods of the Jura sky in the middle of green pastures. Located a few steps from the village of Brévine, it is a boat that welcomes you in memory of the past life of the owner, Gilles Aversenq. Between windows shaped like a porthole and a menu consisting of rösti, cheeses, red mullet wraps, pastis sea cicadas or squid steak and crispy crayfish it’s a real journey between land and sea as you offers the restaurant.

Space Refuge, Glacier 3000 (VD / BE)

Clinging to the foot of the Devil’s keel, stronghold of bearded vultures, this little UFO to the clouds at 2860 m altitude. Suspended in a vacuum, the improbable terrace offers a breathtaking view of the glacier, the Derborence valley and the Bernese Alps. The stomach dug by the small hour of walking necessary from the summit station of Scex-Rouge, one feeds there of regional specialties of character.