Every business uses multimedia presentations and internet conferencing in their meetings and conferences.

These technologies let you add life to your presentation and allow people to attend from remote offices and locations, saving you time, money, and resources. However, with all the benefits they provide, your display devices take up a lot of space with all sorts of wiring. Great if you can design your meeting room to hide them, but otherwise, you are left with an unprofessional-looking, cramped conference room. Fortunately, you can fix this by going wireless.

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Improve your Meetings by Cleaning up Your Conference Room

Over the last decade, business meetings have become more digitally minded. Technology changed how business gets done in many industries. Even those industries that did not change still use computers throughout their operations. Today, everyone has a computer on their desk and a handheld device in his or her pocket. Every department now uses wireless solutions and the cloud to allow people to collaborate and work from anywhere.

Despite the benefits our technology gives us, they take up a lot of space. Many of these devices are also unsightly with all their cords and wires hanging out. You do not need many of these devices to run out of space for them, leaving you with a meeting room you cannot use. They will also distract everyone in the room, reducing the reliability and productivity of your meetings. To improve your meetings, you must eliminate this clutter.

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You do not need to do much to do this either. For most electronic devices, you can get a lot of mileage out of placing them in the right locations. You can even design the room around them while renovating it.

For instance, you can put your television screen in a hole it the wall that makes it flush to the wall. You just need to take a look at your meeting room and place your projector, phone, and speakers where they enhance the room while still giving everyone access. You can even hide the wires under the table if your room allows it. You can then use wireless technologies to remove anything and everything else.
Reduce Clutter with Wireless Presentations
Wireless technologies are the best ways to remove the clutter from your meeting rooms. They have no wires to get in your way and put your company right in the middle of our ever-changing wireless world.
Wireless technology:
? Increases mobility and collaboration
? Allows your staff, partners, and customer to share your presentations
? Promotes the fluid transfer of information and ideas
? Improves your business’s responsiveness
? Improves your business processes and customer service
? Enhances guest access, making your services easier for your customers and partners
? Makes your business scalable

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Airtame Wireless Solutions for your Meeting Room

Wireless networks are only as good as your wireless devices. While you can exchange many common business systems and equipment with wireless versions, you still must hook them up to your display. This is a problem because most televisions and projects are not wireless-enabled.

They expect direct wired connections to their sources. Even if the display does allow wireless connectivity, they are usually optimized for a particular ecosystem such as Apple, Chrome, or Miracast. So, to go fully wireless, and create a professional and empowering meeting room, you need a way to remove those wires as well. Fortunately, you can do that with Airtame.

Airtame brings wireless connectivity to your screens. This small HDMI adapter lets you display HD quality video presentations on any connected screen from any wireless device. It even comes with an HDMI extender if it is too big for your screen space.

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This fully business-optimized streaming device works with almost every operating system including Windows Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Chromebook. It is mostly plug in amd play as well. You just plug it into your television and its USB or AC power. While you must configure it before you can use it, most of the time that just means imputing the network information it displays on the screen into your mobile device. Then you just need to install the Airtame app onto your device and hit a few buttons to get started.

Once you configure it, Airtame is virtually maintenance free. You can stream and share your presentations or just use it as a digital sign. It will even work with such signage apps such as Trello, Unsplash, World Clock, and Google Slides.

Through it all, the Airtame app and devices transform your meeting room into a revenue generator by removing all the unsightly wires and cables from the room. Every partner and customer that walks through your door will know that your company is always prepared, professional, innovative, and ready to solve their needs. This small wireless HDMI adapter is the final piece your company needs to reach more successful sales campaigns and productivity throughout your company.