Corner shelves are the tiny ingredients we do not really care about, but, when fixed, we realize it was worth the effort. Smart and functional, they create space for extra-storage, while also adding elegance to a room. Moreover, they can also personalize a space. A vintage corner cabinet with curved doors or a slim edgy bookcase will immediately become focal points in a room. The most common material is wood, but they corner shelves are also available in steel, glass or recycled palettes. Models and designs are quite diverse: thin boards and little boxes, corner bookcases and chests, built-in cabinets, cupboards and many more are to explore in our collection.

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White corner shelves

A fresh reading corner with cacti, succulents, roses, books and drawings. These white thin shelves are light and adapt easily to any interior. Moreover, they fuse smoothly with the overall decor and behave like ‘invisible’ holders.

A large piece, with a view

This generous light piece is what I need for my living room. The shelves are wide and easy to access. You can store boxes, baskets, blankets, pillows, books, vases and so on. The feel of transparency and lightness makes the room bright.

Boxy corner shelves

The built-in boxy shelves save space and represent vivid accents in a common white wall. In fact, you unlock the hidden storage space between the studs in the walls. Are you planning a DIY session? Then, analyse the walls carefully: in almost every house you can find some wasted room between two sheets of drywall.

Wood panelling add a natural touch to the room. A pure aesthetic featuring Nordic inspired decorations, modern items of furniture and natural colours.

This slim item fits perfectly in a hallway and it can accommodate CDs, books, magazines and photos.

Young and restless

Transform a pair of common shelves into a proper working area. You can use the plain central board as writing desk and the neighbouring shelves to store books, papers, pencils, decorations etc. This is perfect for teenagers’ rooms or student dormitories.

Boxy shelves in a lego like presentation

Simple and practical, this item is perfect for extra toilet paper, towels and soap in a lavatory.

Amongst the common models: wooden shelves fixed at various distances one from each other.

This edgy L-shape shelves add personality to a teenagers’ room.

Modern interior with catchy items

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, this room features a desk with clean lines and tapered angled legs, a corner shelf and a walnut armchair. Both colours and materials are well balanced, creating a feel of equilibrium and stability. I like the strong black accents inserted in this room; they impose strength and mark the areas very clearly. For hot shinny spots, decorate with coppery or golden items. Do not forget about greenery: they enliven the space and freshen the atmosphere.

Playful arrangement with boxy shelves and a diversity of decorations

Built-in shelves make use of hidden spaces. This relaxed living room reinterprets classic items of furniture in a contemporary way, creating a calm, serene interior. I very much enjoyed the pallet of colours: mustard beige, green, ivory, grey and blue. They blend in a peaceful mix. Large windows allow natural light come inside all day long.

The long tail of books add personality to the space.

A huge collection of CDs, DVDs and books organised in boxy shelves

A gentle organic shelf inserted in a corner

Make use of the space left on corridors, hallways, near the stairs or at the entrance. I am sure you can evaluate the space smartly and find some good corners to install some shelves.